Monday, October 20, 2014

Brian's New Life

So...this is me. My name is Brian. Hi. Hope you don't mind but I have so much to tell you.This is what I used to look like. I'm 14 years old and it sucks! I'm gay and I know what I want. I want to be OLDER! I know a lot of guys my age do but I REALLY do! You have no idea how hard it is to be horny and 14 and gay and you can't tell anyone!!! I just wanted to go to a gay bar but I couldn't because they won't let me in looking like an underage twink.

Then one day I realized I was totally in love with my next door neighbor, Adam. Here's what he looks like, it's from his profile online.

HE IS SO HOT!! Even his voice is hot! I wanted him so bad! I was always looking for him when I went onto gay sites. I picked out the pic of an older bodybuilder I found somewhere on tumblr and said it was me. I made a really long profile even though I obviously am not in my 30s. I know, I'm catfishing. It's bad. I know but it was literally the only way that I could get guys to talk to me!!

So I started hitting him up and I told him I was really into him. I told him I'd seen him around town and would love nothing more than to get together with him. I know I know. Don't lecture me. I went ahead and asked him if I could come over.

I rang the doorbell that night. I had gotten really spiffed up and was wearing one of my best outfits and even wore some cologne for him. He opened the door, and looked confused and then got angry when I told him it was really me.

"Brian, that isn't funny. You're fourteen. Get in here!"

I did so and he proceeded to chew me out about how much trouble he could get in for screwing around with me.

"Do you want to make out? Just a little?"

"NO, Brian! I want a man my age and I am not okay with you lying to me online about this. You can't do that to people."

"I just...I really like you. I was afraid of what you'd say. I...I want you to be my first. Once I start having sex I'll get really good. I just want to make you happy. I want to suck you off. I've watched all this porn and I've practiced on a banana..."

"Brian? Oh man, you really are horny, aren't you? Fuck, I remember when I was that age."

"It's not like I didn't wish I was older. I do. I WANT to be your age. I wish I could do it already! I fucking hate being just a teenager. You can still fuck me, though. If you want to. I can act like a man. I can. I'm mature for my age, ask anyone!"

He looked at me for a long time. "Come into the living room. Sit down. I'm going to go upstairs to get something."

He did so and I sat down and oh my god, maybe he was going to call my parents. I really hoped not! I hoped he was going to come down with maybe some sex toys or something. I just wanted to get naked with him. Fuck he was so hot! I could barely contain my boner! I was rock hard!

He finally came downstairs with an old clock. It was an antique and he placed it on the glass table. It was so cool he owned his own house. He even smelled good.

"Okay. You want to be with me? You need to do something for me." He toyed with the clock and opened the tiny glass. "I want you to move the hands forward slowly around clockwise of course, four times."

"Okay." I did so. "Why am I doing this?"

"Stand up." I did so. "Now I'm going to enjoy the show?"

"Show? What show?" I asked with something in my voice sounding different. "Uh. Uhhhhh." Something warm went through me.

"The show of you growing older by four years."

"What?" My voice shrieked and it didn't feel like my voice but rather how my voice would develop after a year, only slightly deeper but noticeable to me.

It was painful to grow taller. My pants got tighter and tighter. I started fumbling at the pants button and zipper and tore them off.

"How is this possible?" I asked.

"You want to fuck around or not? Shut up and enjoy it."

He came over by the time I was as tall as him and I nearly melted as he placed a meaty hand that fiddled with my crotch and he planted a big wet furry kiss on my lips. I kissed him for what felt like forever.

"You wanna check yourself out?"

I liked my stubble. I...I...I felt my face. I ran to the mirror. I was tall. Lanky. Much taller than before. I had stubble. I didn't look like me but I did. I was 18 years old.

"Holy shit. I'm older! Look at me, I'm older!"

"Oh I know. You are. Now just wait a minute. I have a printout I made from your profile. I'm going to stick that inside the clock. I wrote down some specifics. We'll just see what the clock can do. Now take 'er for another spin. Let's try for age 35 this time. Move it ahead. 17 times.

"17 years older! Wow! I'm only guess I'm only 18! But...." I hesitated.

"Do you want to get with me or not? You want to be a twink forever or a real man?"

That did it. I went ahead and moved it ahead as many times as he said.

I nearly passed out from my body's sensations and I wound up writhing on the floor in ecstasy and pain. I groaned, feeling my hairy chest and I felt like I was just so much bigger and stronger. I could feel it before I even got up. I was...I was...I ran to a mirror.

"Who's that? Is that ME?? I look like my profile photo!"

"Yes you do, the clock really does make quite an impact. Doesn't it?" He came up from behind me and started feeling me up.

"Suck me! Suck me off now!"

"Oh now you're talking!"

I was filled with the desire to dominate him. I had never had such feelings and I can't begin to explain it to you but I suddenly realized he would never be happy with some 14 year old little boy when he can have a real serve. I realized the man I fell in love with and was ready to beg wanted to be the one begging. I was now SO confident and I OOZED masculinity.

"That's right, bitch. Suck a real man's dick!" And suck me he did.

I fucked him thoroughly after that. I flexed my muscles and decided to carry him all the way into his bedroom (well now it was our bedroom) and I ripped his jeans off and grabbed the lube on the dresser, applied it immediately and impaled the fuck out of my walking wet dream.


The sensation of being a big man and losing my virginity all at the same time was almost too much. I fucked him like four times and then collapsed.

The next morning I awoke and followed his voice.

"Hey, Adam. Did you enjoy last night?"

"Fuck yeah, man. Looks like there's a new man in my life." He kissed me passionately. "And are you starting to realize the new details?"

I blinked. New details? Like what? "What time is it?" I asked him. "I'll need to get to work soon. Wait. I'm in" But then I realized that was no longer true. I was an experienced vice president of a local roofing company. I'd worked my way up over a lifetime and was pretty comfortable. Not that I wasn't working class. I certainly looked the part.

"This is your day off, tiger."

"So...what now? I just move in?"

"You're already moved in. The clock is powerful. It changes reality. I put it away last night."

"So...I have to go back to being a kid again, right? There's a catch?"

"Baby. I wanted to be married. I love you and you love me. You do love me, right?"

"Fuck yeah I love you!"

"Well that's that, then. If you want to use the clock again but there is a slight time limitation. You can only use it once every ten years. I used it before to become a lot more masculine. Before I was an effeminate twerp. A 100 pound total weakling. Now look at me."

"No weakling here, just the sexiest stud I've ever fucked!"

"Damn straight." He kissed me again. "You can always turn back the clock if you want. But for now let's just enjoy our new lives together. SIR." He smiled mischievously.

So, this is my life. I often don't give a fuck what people think of me. I'm pretty lucky in the long run to be a huge daddy and my new husband is just head over heels and loves to take all of my huge cock every night after we get home from work. One day I'll go back...maybe. Maybe I'll make us college aged kids next time so I don't have to go back to the misery of being smaller than everyone. That way in ten years I can get back together with my parents again. As it stands in this reality, Adam is my only family. But hey, god, look at me. Look how big my muscles are and how hairy I am. This is the best new life I could possibly hope for. I do what I want, I have a car, a husband, a house all of my own, and I owe it all to going after what I wanted! This is Brian and I'm 35 years old and very happy now that I am!