Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dr. Cambio's Clinic

"You embarrassed me. You embarrassed yourself. What were you thinking?"
"Uh, excuse me, I am not on trial here."
"Don't be sarcastic. You threw a tantrum tonight in front of all my friends."
"In front of your friends? You mean my friends."
"A lot of both my friends and your friends. You freaked out and acted like a jerk, pure and simple."
"I don't owe you any excuses as to why I behave the way i do, ever."
"You know what? You need to learn respect. That's what you need to learn."
The new Jax narrowed his eyes at his grown up son. 
"Okay that's it. You don't talk to me like this. I think you're forgetting who the real adult is here."
"Oh, really? So you're acting like an adult when you yell and scream when you don't get your way?"
"Well I'm in a kid's body so it's not like anyone cares."
"I care! It's my body. It's my reputation. You are in an 11 year old body, not 5. Get it together. Everyone thought you acted like a jealous brat."
"They were taking my stuff!"
"They're kids and they were guests in this house!"
"Stop talking like this! That's it. This experiment is over. Call the therapist. We are going back as soon as possible."
"Yeah, well, Dr. Cambio can't really make it this week."
"I was gonna break this to you later but why not now? Dr Cambio moved his practice."
"What? WHERE?!" Ever since Finn and his son had switched bodies thanks to a therapist's secret body swap technique (which required them to both be unconscious), things had been great. He'd been able to see things from a kid's perspective and have a go at grade school, but as the weeks went by, each session with the good doctor ended with him convincing them to stay another week. Then another. Then another. Jax had grown really confident in his grown up body, taking on responsibility like he never had before, taking on an adult job and driving them everywhere they needed. 
"To Columbia."
"What? NO!"
"Yeah, no note or anything."
"Do we have an address? We have to get in touch with them."
"I don't know if we can even get one. But for now, you're grounded!"
"No I'm not! I'm an adult! You can't make me do anything!"
Jax stood up to his full height and looked down at his bratty dad. 
"Actually I can. Get in your fucking room! NOW!" his son's voice was so booming and furious. Finn looked up at Jax crossing his arms. "I don't have to do what you say," he squeaked, his voice sounding pathetic. 
"Get into your room or I'll make a week into a month. Of no TV, no going over to friend's houses, no computer. You want to go for a month, little man?"
"You're not fair!" he cried, just like a little kid.
"You're not the adult anymore and you know what, maybe that's the way it should be if you can't fucking handle it."
"Oh you mean like YOU?" Now Finn was sounding incredibly immature. 
"Yeah. Now go to your fucking room."
"I want to be the adult again," Finn pouted. 
"Well you're not. I am."
"So what are you gonna do now? Drink my beer?"
"Uh, I'm going to drink a fucking beer if I want to. Because I like to fucking relax. I'm raising a kid who doesn't see why he shouldn't misbehave and I have a fucking JOB to go to tomorrow. Now go to your room. JAX."
The new Jax went to his room and cried. His son smiled and opened up a beer and thought to himself how glad he was that Dr. Cambio originally told him they were never going to switch back. 

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