Thursday, August 7, 2014

Nathan's Adventure: Days 3 - 5: Nathan Takes Over

My name is Nathan but now it's not, because everyone thinks I'm my mom's boyfriend, Bailey. I've started to call myself that in my head now. Cause it's really, REALLY fun being Bailey. I was waiting for him to come home from school because I wanted him to see how cool I looked smoking a cigar. I could have given him a ride but I kind of wanted him to ask me to drive him. I told him all he needed to do was ask and he wouldn't. He's mad cause now I know how to drive and he doesn't.

"Nathan! How did work go? Did everything go okay? Hey, what are you doing smoking a cigar!"

I smoked my cigar more, looking cool.

"I can smoke now and it's fun. I'm just like you now, Bailey!"

"Well how bout letting me have a drag, man?"

I frowned. "You're just a little boy. Little boys aren't allowed to smoke, Bailey. Mommy would be mad if I gave you one of my cigars. Only grown men can smoke. Like me!"

"Oh. Right. Yeah, I guess your mother would be mad. Well, how about work? Did it go okay?"

"Yeah, it was great. But I have to go to the gym. There's some dinner in the fridge."

"Wait, are you sure? You didn't have any problems?"

"Bailey, I'm you now. The Spells R Us guy gave me all your knowledge. I know all the stuff from your MBA and your writing degrees. You're really smart, Bailey. I know a lot about how to do adult type work now. I go in and tell them what I think of movies." I puffed my cigar and held it in my fingers again, pondering. "I mainly tell people how to make movies better and we talk about budgets a lot cause I'm good at that."

"We have to switch back! I can't go through my childhood again! This is miserable! I miss getting a boner!"

"What's that?"

"It's like...when your dick gets hard. An erection!"

"Oh, right! I love cumming! It's so much fun! Way better than being a kid."

"We have to swap back, please please, talk to the Spells R Us guy, I can't do another day at school."

"Look, don't feel bad." I bent down and gave him a hug and stroked his back gently. "It's only for a little while. He wanted you to learn a lesson and now you're seeing how hard it is to be me. We'll go back. I don't want you to be miserable. Just try and enjoy being a kid again. Look, why don't I drive you to the gym. I'll work out and then we'll go play video games at the arcade, okay?"


"Alright, come on!"

The gym was so awesome. Now that I had Bailey's knowledge I knew how to do all sorts of exercises. Bailey was asking me questions on how to do them and I showed him how, just like a dad would with his son, only I was the dad! It's totally cool cause he was really talking about how awesome it was I knew all this stuff. It was like he was forgetting that he used to have all that knowledge.

Then I took him to play video games and he started to really have fun. He played some games with other kids as well and started to run around and make friends. We played laser tag with a couple of other dads and sons and I made friends with one of them and we exchanged business cards! I feel like such a grown up cause I have a business card now.

I was tired and drove us home and asked Bailey if he had a good time and he said yes and I was real happy cause he was feeling a lot better about being a kid and not stressing out. I brought him inside and heated up dinner and he and I curled up on the couch and watched cartoons. Mommy had to work late that night and I told her it was fine. Then she came home and I was afraid she would want to have sex with me but then I remembered the Spells R Us guy put a spell on her so she wouldn't want that.

The next day I went to work and totally impressed everyone as always with some new ideas. The newest film from our studio had come out and it was a huge hit and my boss said he'd take us all out to a bar.

This is my boss.

His name is Chris and he's super cool and I talked to him for a while and smoked a cigar with him. Then all the girls came out. It was a very exclusive club and one of the girls started to dance for me and oh my god I started to get so hard. I had never had sex before and I really wanted to now because I'm in a big body and my dick gets hard and cums now. So one of the girls took me in back and she started to put her mouth on it and I started to rock back and forth. She called me a stud and I finally couldn't take it anymore and I exploded in her mouth!

Afterwards we made out a little and it was my first time with a girl and now I never want to be a little boy again so I don't know what to do. I went to the mall and it was still barely open. I went to the Spells R Us store but it wasn't there and the mall was suddenly closed and the lights went out. No one was there and then I sat down and was kind of sad because I want to be a big grown up forever now but I love Bailey and want him to be my daddy. I don't know what to do.

Suddenly the salesman was there right behind me and I jumped up. I was sitting near a penny fountain.

"Hello, Nathan. Are you enjoying yourself."

"I love bein' an adult, man. I can't go back now. But Bailey is never gonna forgive me if I take his body!"

"You love Bailey a lot, don't you?"

"Yes, I really do."

"Did you know he has no intention of marrying your mother?"

"What?" I blinked. "He...he lied?"

"Yes, Nathan he did. That's one of the reasons I switched you. He cares about you and he has started to change but he is like well, you are now. It's hard to be monogamous. But maybe you can help. Make a wish."

He held up a bag of pennies for me. 

"I don't understand."

"You have several pennies and each penny is a wish. I have to go on assignment so any time you need anything, just come back here. One penny, one wish. Just wish and toss the penny into the fountain."

"Wow! So, okay. I...wish Bailey would be in love with my mom and want to be my dad."

"Are you sure about that one? He can't be a father figure if you guys are the same age."

"I don't know what to wish for then!" I sat down. I was a big adult but I felt so dumb and helpless.

"How about you first wish for a temporary solution...first wish that you were the boss of the studio and your boss had your job and was dating your mother."

"Okay." I made the wish and threw the penny. "What now?"

"Now wish that Bailey looks up to Chris the way you look up to him."

"Okay." I made that wish.

"I think I'll let you do the rest." He walked away and I found myself sitting in my new car all of a sudden. I drove out of the parking lot and went to my house. My new house was really big! I suddenly remembered that this was my house and my mommy lived with Chris and was getting married to him. I went to bed fast asleep.

When I woke up the next morning, I called Bailey and told him what my new wishes were. He said he was feeling really good about being a kid. I said I would miss him and asked if he wanted to be my daddy and he said that he really wanted Chris to be his daddy so it would be really hard to go back to being an adult.

I told him to have fun at school. He said he would have a lot of fun because he and Pete were gonna play together. Pete is my best friend, not his! But now I couldn't play with him.

I went to work only now I was the boss and Chris was taking orders from me and it was awesome. Everyone looks up to me for my business acumen now. After work I went to Bailey's school and watched him playing with Pete and got super jealous. I wanted to play on the swingsets and run around but if I did that I would be arrested or something. Adults aren't allowed to play with kids unless you're related and I wished myself out of Bailey's life. I went to the club next and they all can't kiss my ass enough now. I'm pretty fucking powerful in this industry, after all.

I had fun drinking and smoking and got a few lap dances later on but I started to miss my mom. I was a big grown up but I was really lonely. I was still mad at Bailey but I kind of wanted him to know what it was like to be a little kid again so he knew how I felt.

I went to the mall and it was closed but I found the door open. There was no one there. I went to the fountain and made a wish. I had been really missing some of my friends at school, especially Pete.

"I wish my best friend from school Pete could be an adult too. I want us to be friends but I want him to be like me, a businessman. I want him to wake up tomorrow all grown up and for his dad to uh, think of him as his brother." I am getting good at this wish thing.

The next day, at work, I called Pete's house and asked for Pete and left a message for him to call me and said my name was Nathan even though everyone thinks of me as Bailey. I got a call back and Pete was now a grown up! He was talking real fast and asking me how I did it. I had to calm him down and that took a while. He said he had a car and his dad thought they were brothers and he was freaking out even though it was cool because all his clothes were big now and his room was that of a grown up. I told him to come to my office.

A few hours later, Pete came in, looking dazed. I ushered him into my office and offered him a cigar.


"Not anymore. Have a cigar, Pete. They're totally cool."

"How are you doing this? Am I dreaming? This is like the best dream ever!"

"Pete, what's your job?"

"Huh? Oh, I dunno. I work at a legal firm. I didn't go to work today! Oh man my boss is gonna kill me!"

"Don't worry, I'll take care of it. But be sure to go to work tomorrow, okay? You and I are gonna just enjoy today and I'll tell you everything. But how do you like being grown up so far?"

"Nathan this is incredible. This is...I'm tall!"

"Me too, dude. Welcome to adulthood. It's awesome, right?" I watched my newly grown best friend smoke some more. "And this is just the beginning," I told him.

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  1. Hey Derek. Awesome story as always. can't wait for a another one. keep up the good job