Sunday, August 10, 2014

Nathan's Adventure: Becoming Bailey

My name was Nathan. I was 9. Then by magic I got turned into Bailey. And now...I think I really like it. I mean I was gonna go back but now I have all the wishes in the world. I wanted Bailey to be my daddy. But I found out he was lying to me. And so I made Chris into my mom's boyfriend. Well, she's sort of my mom still. I mean she can't be my mom if I'm in this body and a grown up and that sucks. I miss her but okay, I can do Bailey's job and drive and stuff. But I still keep acting like a little kid and I got in trouble this week a couple times.

I was in the store buying some computer games and I was kind of running around. I went with Chris and he was staring at me like I was going crazy and he thought I was doing some kind of weird test. I was jumping up and down and just being really hyper and stuff. I had some coffee and it makes me really hyper sort of like candy used to. Now that I'm a grown up I should drink coffee, cause Bailey likes cappuccinos so now I do too.

Then later I got in trouble because I wanted to play laser tag with him and he was saying he had to go home and I was whining and whining like I do sometimes cause I'm just a kid.

"Pleeeeeeease go with me? Pleeeeeeeease? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I wanna go play laser tag but I need a friend!"

"Dude, are you on something?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean are you high right now?"

"No," I said, not knowing what that meant.

So Chris thought I was acting weird and then I tried to go to the beach. I was happy because I'm so tall now. I had a lot of fun but I tried to play with some kids making a sand castle and got yelled at by their dad and he called me a pervert so I ran away because he totally got angry and I was really afraid. So I called Bailey and asked him why he said that and he told me under no circumstances could I go and play with kids I don't know because I'm a stranger to them and I could be dangerous. And that there are adults that try and do bad things to little kids so adults have to watch their children carefully. I didn't know any of this! I just know how to drive and do work stuff.

I had put a spell on him so I asked him about Chris. He sounded just like a kid now! He really looks up to him and wants to spend all his time with him. He got excited because Chris said he would take him to the beach. 

So I had some more fun on the beach and lit up a cigar cause I love smoking them now. I was walking along the pier and some women got angry with me and told me I shouldn't smoke, and shouldn't do it around other people and cursed at me. I got mad cause I'm a grownup and they shouldn't tell me what to do because I'm not some little kid so I shouted back I can do what I want now!

So THEN it was like, getting late and I went to the gym because Bailey told me I had to go 5 days a week OR ELSE because he didn't want me getting fat in his body. Going to the gym is a lot of work! And at one point there was this really pretty lady and I told her she was pretty and she showed me her wedding ring and told me to fuck off. So I couldn't call Bailey because he was only 9 now and it was his bedtime so I drove to the mall to the wishing fountain.

"I wish I understood how to be an adult and mature and stuff." I tossed a magic penny. "I wish Chris would leave my mom so Bailey would be sad. I want him to know what it's like to not have anyone want to be his dad now and he really wants one." I tossed a penny. "And I wish he would act just like a kid acts like I do, and think like a nine year old."

I went to my new house and went to bed, but jerked off before doing so cause it feels so good. The next morning I got up and started looking at all the numbers. My job is a numbers game. I looked at the stocks and made sure mine were up because if they fall too much I'll definitely sell. I'm really good with stocks. I blink and look around me. I know about stocks now. All the information was there but I just wasn't accessing it. I was too busy thinking about toys and video games so much I couldn't concentrate. I made myself some coffee.

Girls. I know about how to talk to women. How to smooth talk them. How to be romantic and charming. Of course that woman thought I was being a gigantic dummy. I was sounding like a kid! I shook my head. I was totally thinking like an adult now.

The rest of the day went smoothly. I went to work. I impressed everyone. I yelled at some guy for fucking up because some agents were totally using him to get information they shouldn't have. I threatened to fire him and said he was fucking lucky I didn't and sent him out. I felt my dick get hard from power.

There was a benefit that night. I saw Chris, who was now underneath me in the company as well as my friend, and the big boss, Max. Max was president of the entire company and one of the most powerful men in Hollywood.

He talked to me for a while about my good work and then said I should enjoy the party. I didn't even bother to think about what a bad day Bailey must be having. Or Nathan. I should start thinking of him as Nathan because I'm having such a good time I don't really think I'm ever going to go back. I thought of doing several things. Making him a grown up as well. I thought of making myself and him brothers. I thought of doing a lot of things. I know it's mean but he has a great family and he doesn't even speak to them enough. I had my secretary earlier make an dinner appointment with my new parents so that I can get to know them better.

I felt angry that I had so naively believed Bailey. He obviously just wanted to fuck my mom and not really be there for me. He just wanted to be a player and he didn't want to commit. Well I can't be my mom's boyfriend because that would be too weird and I don't want him to be a grownup. I'm not being very nice about it but I just want him to know what it's like.

I thought about my next wishes. I went to the mall. It was closed but the door was open for me again. Something tells me anyone else trying it will find it locked. I went to the wishing fountain and threw in penny after penny.

"I wish I could change people's ages just by thinking about it."
"I wish Erica, my mom, would think of me as a really good friend and let me take Bailey, who is now Nathan, out and have fun with him."
"I wish I could change people's appearance or body. And no one will notice if I don't want them to, same with the age thing."
"I wish I could be boss of the entire company and I wish Max would just retire and be happy."
"I wish cigars were way more popular and that way more guys smoked them and that they were good for you."
"I wish I could switch other people's bodies whenever I wanted."

I lit up a cigar in the mall and smiled as I went out the doors. The next morning I went to work and found out my boss was quitting and handing the reins of the entire studio over to me, making me one of the most powerful men in Hollywood. I changed into some jeans and T shirt because they made me look badass. I went to Nathan's house.

I think of him as Nathan now. I'm not. I'm Bailey.

"Hey, Nate man!"


"Not anymore, buddy boy. You're gonna be the kid now. I've decided." I took a drag off my cigar. "So how are things going? I heard Chris left?"

With that his face fell and he started crying.

"Why did he have to leave?"

I bent down and cradled him in my big manly arms, comforting him.

"Things are gonna be okay, Nathan."

"I'm not Nathan," he sobbed.

"You are Nathan now. And I'm Bailey. And I'm gonna take care of you. Because you know why? You couldn't take care of me. And I realized that. You weren't going to. But this way we can be together. I am gonna tell Erica she can move into the mansion." I told him I had been given some more magic wishes and didn't tell him about the fact they were in the form of magic pennies.

Nathan's sadness didn't last long.

"You know, if you want, I can be your dad, Nathan."

"Okay, Bailey. You promise? You promise? Don't lie to me, please."

"Hey, champ. I'm not lying. I'm gonna be there for you to guide you through your childhood and teen years. I'm gonna make sure you have a good life." I gently kissed him on the forehead.

"Can I have a puff off of that cigar?"

"Not a chance!" We both laughed at that. He was starting to really think of it as okay that I was in charge now and he was going to have to grow up all over again. I took him for a drive and we went to the beach and I bought him some balloons and noticed a lot of the surfer dudes were lighting up cigars when they never would have dreamed of it before. Also just on the street. Almost no one was smoking cigars on the street before but now it was like the past and half the guys were chomping on a big one. I saw a big billboard advertising cigar smoking as part of a healthy living lifestyle. Did you know the surgeon general recommends a cigar a week at least for healthy men?

You don't need cigars but they certainly help your metabolism now. This was great, I thought as I drove.

After I dropped off Nathan at his mom's and discussed them moving in with me, I left to watch all the guys downtown and wondered if I could test out my new powers. I didn't have to be at work for a few hours. Hell, it was my company now and I could do whatever the hell I wanted but should be there to oversee things most of the time. I wandered around for a good hour before I found the perfect targets.

"So it looks like we don't have time, son."

"But dad you promised!"

"I know I did, Teddy. But your dad has the potential to make a lot of money and I just got called in and we need to take care of a lot of really important grown up work. We can go to the pier next weekend, okay sweetie? I'll drop you off at your mom's."

"I NEVER get a chance to see you anymore."

"Son, I love you. I know that the divorce has been rough on us all but sweetie, I need to go to work to make money to take care of you. I wish you could understand."

"You just don't want to see me!" he started crying.

"Son, do NOT make a scene in public. I will not allow you to throw a tantrum like a baby."

"I'm not!" Teddy's voice cracked.

That was when I switched their bodies.

"You just don't care about me at all, Dad! Hey...why am I looking at me?"

"Holy shit!" the boy's voice cracked.

"Hey, guys," I said, holding my cigar proudly. "Don't mention this to anyone else, ok? They might think you're crazy. Now look, you guys are gonna be in each other's bodies for let's say, a week. Be good. And if you aren't good," I said, looking down on the little boy who was now panicking while his wide eyed new dad was looking at me and his feet and how tall he was.

"How did you do this? HOW!"

"Not important. What is important is that you help your new dad do his job," I said, winking. I walked away and sauntered, savoring the taste of my Partagas as the new father and son started yelling at each other.

"This is impossible! Hey! Where are you going?"

"I get to be a grown up? WOW! Look dad, I have a tie! And...and I'm tall!"

"Hey, you! Get back here!" The little boy ran up behind me so I bent down and told him to be good. I gave my business card to the new father. "What's your dad's name, dude?"

"His name is Hank."

"Well now that's your name. Enjoy bein' an adult. Maybe we'll go out for drinks later but for now, just go to work and hang out. Take your son with you. Tell them you couldn't find a sitter. The two of you are gonna work together this week. Or else you don't go back. Understood?"

"This is crazy!" the boy said.

"This is COOL!" the new man said.

"Well my work here is done..." I said and wondered what else I was gonna do today.

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