Sunday, August 24, 2014

I Wanted to Try Dad's Pipe

My name is Jeffy and I'm on the left. I know you won't believe me but I'm only 8 years old. My daddy is next to me in the photo. I'm wearing big boy clothes now because I'm big now. My daddy told me to never ever touch his pipes but I always wanted to be like him. So when he wasn't around I would sometimes put one in my mouth and look at myself in the mirror and pretend I was a big man like him. I wanted to be tall and have a beard just like Daddy.

Well one day I was doing this and my uncle Billy caught me and walked right over and asked me if I thought I was a grown up, real angry like. So I said sorry no but I want to be! I want to be like you and Daddy! I told him.

"Oh you DO, do you? I should make you a grown up for day just so you can see it ain't that easy!"

"I wish we could! That would be fun!"

"Oh you think it's FUN? Your Dad and I are barely keeping this house from being foreclosed by the bank. We have shitty paying jobs and we are always having to look after you and your brothers." Mommy wasn't here anymore because she was in jail and Daddy was mad at her for it.

"I bet I would like it a lot!"

"Maybe you would." He looked at me a long time and then stroked his beard. "Tell you what. I'll give you a taste."

"Are you gonna let me try your pipe?!"

"In time. But you have to do something first." He brought me upstairs to the attic. In the attic there was an old clock. He wrote something on a piece of paper and put it inside the clock, which then started to go backwards really fast. He started to shrink. And I thought it was a trick like magicians do. But his beard got shorter until it was really short and then stubble and then smooth faced like me and he looked much younger. He looked sixteen years old and then his clothes bunched up around him and he smiled. He looked like a younger version of himself. He looked like a little boy!

Then the clock went forward real fast, spinning so fast I could barely look at it. He smiled and then I smiled and I started to grow taller! I got real tall and had to take off my little boy pants and shirt because they started to hurt. I looked at myself in a small circular mirror and saw I looked like a high school kid! "Wow!" My voice sounded older, like a high schooler! Then I started growing hair everywhere! My armpits, my chest, a treasure trail to my crotch. My face started to grow stubble and then grew out of my face, much to my delight!

"Everyone will think we were always this age." he told me, putting on my clothes. "The clock switches ages, not bodies, but also reality. Your dad doesn't know about this." He started to tell me the story of the clock, which was cursed back hundreds of years ago. It had been in our family for a long time.

I put his clothes on and climbed down the ladder and realized how much taller I was now! I walked throughout the house in total amazement. My beard felt incredible! It was so much fun! I looked down and saw the pipe rack and wanted to try it so bad so I asked my uncle and he said "You're MY uncle now, UNCLE Jeff. You get everything that comes with being a grown up. You get to drive, smoke, and go to work!"

The first time I tried a pipe was the best feeling in the world. I was so proud of being a grown man. But then after I was done my Dad called and told me I had to pick him up since his truck was having problems! So I got to drive and I knew how all of a sudden. It was challenging but I really liked doing it. There are all these rules and all sorts of things to know about how cars and trucks work that I knew now.

Daddy called me Jeff now because in this reality I'm his brother. Billy rode in the back and read his textbook for school. Daddy told me that I would have to drive him to work tomorrow morning before going to my job and I told him okay.

The next day I went to work. I had two jobs now. I worked at a hardware store and I also did odd jobs for different people fixing up things in their houses. It was hard work and in the evening I lit up my pipe and smoked with Daddy. My new nephew told me we could stay like this a few more days and I was really liking it because I'm tall and not short anymore.

But then Daddy got his truck fixed and I came home from work and he had been spending all day selling stuff from the attic. He hadn't told me he was gonna do this. But he needed the money real bad he said, and yep, you guessed it. One of the things he had sold was the clock. I had picked up Uncle Bill from school that day and we talked about it in secret and knew we couldn't tell anyone. We found out who bought the clock but it was some old woman that wouldn't part with it. She said it was perfect for her house and she wouldn't budge an inch.

I just wanted to try a pipe but now that I've been doing it I kind of miss being a kid! But we can't go back. Maybe we can steal the clock from the old lady. But for now I guess we should just try and enjoy things. I told him he didn't have to worry about going to work. Which makes him really happy. And I went on the internet and started to look up gay websites I could meet other gay guys on...since becoming a big man I realized I liked to look at other men like me...


  1. Well, I love the story, but for me personally I can't describe how much better I would have loved it had it been his fat grandpa's pipe instead of his dads. But that's me. Nice story anyway.