Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tables Turned

"...45...46...47...RAWR...YEAH...50!" Martin stopped his reps and turned to the little wimp standing before him.  "Towel, bitch."

"Yes, sir. Here is your towel sir."

"God, I LOVE BEING THIS BIG! FUUUUUCK! FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD! MMM!" Martin flexed and flexed. Just a few days ago he'd been a stick thin nerd until he had found the magic necessary to drain his annoying bully of a next door neighbor, Brad

Brad was always pushing Martin around. Yelling at him for any number of things. Ordering him around and threatening him. Brad liked to find dirt on people and then make them do what he said. He lived for blackmail and had set Martin up at a truck stop, having a pal of his there piss on Martin after Martin sucked the guy's dick. Brad had nothing against fags, but he liked to push little beta males around.

The blackmail had worked for a while. Before long, Martin was washing Brad's car, doing his laundry, mowing his lawn, cleaning his gutters even! He had Martin had his personal servant for a month, then two, then three. He would come home and a few times even threw Martin up against a wall to prove what a big man he was who could easily beat up such a little guy as himself. If Martin didn't do these things Brad would send the photos to everyone at his work and he would probably get fired, as it was a conservative business.

But then Martin found a witch who said she could switch people's essences. He found her online after asking anoymously on websites for just such a service. He never dreamed he would get someone who could do it for real. They met and she was sympathetic. Then she went over the details. Martin would get all the masculinity and Brad would become his loving little bitch. Martin was gay and the thought of having a straight asshole jock bully who had made his life hell turn into a simpering coward eager to please his master made it the easiest decision he ever made. He paid the witch's price.

The next morning he woke up like this and Brad had shrunk to half his size! He instantly took over, having Brad build a gym and pay for it out of his own pocket, for Martin's personal use. Martin moved into Brad's house, as it was nicer, and proceeded to make him his bitch slave.

"Hey bitch. I'm horny. Bend over, you fucking faggot slut."

Brad did so, because now he just wanted nothing but to please his new master and atone for his past behavior. Martin pummeled him so hard the little guy could barely take him. Martin had generously helped himself to a huge ten inch dick and left Brad with a tiny 1 1/2 incher that could barely even spurt cum. Brad now lived to be fucked and used like the many women he had conquested over the years. Martin stuck the entirety of his dick up Brad's sphincter and moaned as the little guy screamed.

"Clean up this mess, cunt. I'm going to go order some new toys. You are going to dress like a bitch fag from now on. I'm gonna have you wear a collar and oh, nothing else. I would get you a chastity device but you barely even have a dick anymore. You may as well just cut it off and become a woman, haha!"

"Yes, master."

"After you're done here, get started on dinner you dumb fuck. And thanks for all these muscles! They feel great. I love waking up with them in your bed. Well it's my bed now, your house has a lot of nice things. Well, it' house now. What do you think of that, you dumb bitch?"

"I think it's great, sir You deserve to be in charge for how I treated you."

"Mmmm, yes you do. And I hope you don't mind, I invited some people over for later. We're going to have an orgy and you're going to bottom for about ten different guys. They all love how submissive you were in that video I made of you begging for my cock. You'll be doing that a lot in the future. I intend to whore you out and pocket all the cash, because you don't really need money anymore. Oh and Brad?"

"What is it, sir?"

"You didn't thank me."

"I'm sorry. Thanks for all the cum you allowed me to eat, sir."

"You're welcome, bitch. Now get cracking." Martin smiled. He felt so big and powerful and Brad did everything he said now. He had to. It wasn't mind control. If he ever wanted another body back, a tall and powerful one, he would have to ask Martin, and after five years of being a bitch fag he promised he would get him one. Of course they were both gay now thanks to the spell and he suspected by that time Brad would be so in love with him he'd do whatever Martin wanted.

Brad would never be a big shot again, he thought, looking at his enormous muscles, and smiled.

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