Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Party Boy

My name is Leon and I used to be pretty spoiled. I never listened to my parents and I basically partied ALL the time. I would laugh if my parents said to do chores and would go out with my friends. I started drinking beer early and would go out to their houses after soccer practice. Soccer I actually cared about but I let my studies slide because my father is rich, so he could always give me more money when I needed it. Even though I live in South America, and most of the area we live in is poor, we don't have to worry about that!

One day they told me I was going to have a tutor. Some old American dude. They said only he could make everything right again and they were not going to cut me off after high school if I didn't get it together! My father yelled at me I had to really get it togther.

So I listened to my boring old tutor. He tried to teach me math and science, English, arts, history, but I just didn't care. I tuned him out time and again. I just wanted to watch TV. I gave him lip. I just said "I dunno" a lot.

So finally he got pretty sore with me. He said he was going to teach me a REAL lesson. On MAGIC. I was like what? Old man you watch too much Harry Potter! But no, he said, it's quite real. He said he had come to this country a much younger man but he had fallen in love with a local woman. She was a witch from a LONG line of witches. I just laughed. Uh huh. No, he said, their tribe is older than most civilizations. From deep in the jungle. They had all sorts of potions made from rare plants that don't exist outside their village. This one will make you much smarter, he told me. He handed me a vial.

"What is this, berry juice?" I sighed, totally bored. I drank it without even thinking about it and swiftly got really tired. My vision dulled and I fell to the floor and looked up at him smiling at me, cruelly.

When I came to, I started to speak in English. "What happened? Hey, why am I talking in English?" Then I went back to my native tongue, which somehow felt harder.

"I'm sorry, young man. It looks like we're out of time."

I'm going to let you guess what happened. THIS is what I look like now:

As you may have already guessed, I'm now a teacher/tutor close to retirement age. I have enough money to get by but I have to be careful. This guy's wife had passed her body on to a younger woman much like me and so now we are both old together. We're trying to figure out a way to get that potion and earn ourselves favor with the witch (who is now dating my old body).

I sometimes flirt with younger women and they get really mad at me. They call me a disgusting old pervert. It's really depressing. And now my old teacher sends me photos of himself, looking great in my body, earning soccer trophies.

He really is living it up. I wish I hadn't been such a party boy. I regret it all the time. I miss my parents. He is doing so much better in school than I was they just could not care less he seems like a totally different person! Just don't do what I did. Stay in school and study...or someone might take your body away from you!

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  1. YES! This is what I continue to check here for. I love forced Age Progression, especially when it's coupled with Weight Gain.
    If you ever decide to do another like it, some kid forced to live as an old fat man, you know you have my vote!