Saturday, July 26, 2014

Not Bad For An Old Guy

"Not bad for an old guy, huh dad?"

"Son, this is totally unreal. I can't believe my wish was granted. I can't believe you're smoking a cigar! My son, an adult! I'm so proud! You're gonna be a huge hit."

"Well I hope so. When is the party?"

"Later tonight. But we have to go over some specifics. You are going to have to pose as my best friend so there are some things you need to know."

Dad got real mad with his best friend when he found out Mom cheated with him. So he made a wish on an old ring up in the attic. Grandpa had given my dad the ring a long time ago and it only has so many wishes for each person. It's actually a really cool story. There are about a dozen rings and they are all floating around out there somewhere but we have one. Each person can use it for five wishes and five only. ANYWAY. Dad wished that his best friend Harv could shrink down to be a little boy again. He thought that would be the perfect punishment for him after he ruined Dad's marriage.

Only when I woke up the next morning, I'd turned into Harv! My Dad started screaming at me when he saw me and nearly beat me up until I convinced him I was really his son! And the first thing I did, almost automatically was walk over to his humidor and light up a stogie to calm me down. Like it was the most natural thing in the world!

Now Dad is becoming my BEST friend! We went out to get a BEER that day! It was so cool. Everyone my age is way smaller than me now! I mean, the age I used to be. And then Harv called him frantically and they met in the park. You should have seen how mad he was! But it doesn't matter. Dad made a wish that I could turn whoever he wanted into however he wanted them to look. He placed a lock on Harv so he wouldn't age at all! Ha! And me too so I don't get any older and that way I don't die soon from being all old or whatever.

"Dad, my dick is getting hard from this cigar. How do you get them to stop being hard?" I asked, rubbing my crotch.

"Uh, son, I think we may have to have a talk about that."

"Like masturbation and making cum? Yeah, I know. I totally jacked it in the bathroom! It was so much fun!"

"Okay son, that's fine. That's natural. But the thing is us guys don't talk about that sort of thing, so when you go to the party later, don't just go telling other guys about jacking off. They'll think you're gay."

"Like wanting to have sex with guys? Fuck, that would be awesome!"

Dad blinked. He didn't expect that. I guess being in this body and smoking this cigar had really made me totally comfortable and not embarrassed. I'd been feeling really confident and it was almost like I remembered having sex before.

"Well, I guess you really have grown up. Are you...sure?"

"I'm sure, dad. After the party is over, I think I'll need you to teach me to drive my new truck. I'm gonna go to the city and hit up some of the gay bars. This body needs to get laid!"

Dad was shocked but what could he do? Maybe I should wish that Dad would be gay and that way he wouldn't miss Mom anymore.

So later that evening, before we left, I snuck up to his room where he had hidden the ring and wished that my Dad could be gay like me. Harv was told to be good to his babysitter and he looked up at us angrily. At the party Dad was trying to hit on women but they just couldn't hold his interest. I had changed into some nice clothes and as he made his way out for a cigar with me (something I was still getting used to!) I came up and gave him a big hug.

"Sorry, Dad. I guess I should tell you..."

"You don't need to. I think I can guess. I've been thinking about only one thing all night this much."

"How do you feel," I asked with a smile.

"Like I'm free! I don't know why I didn't think of this. Plenty of freedom for uh, guys like you and me nowadays, right? I'm a pretty liberal guy. I never cared about it all that much but you know, now that I think about it," he said, putting an arm around my shoulder and talking to me in confidence as he led me away from the party. "This could really work out, ya know?"

"SO...I have to say something, Dad. Ever since I got turned into Harv I feel like an adult. I mean, I feel like a man. I feel good about what I am now and I'm not a little boy and..."

I turned around and he had a look in his eye. He came in and gave me a kiss and then I kissed back. I was kissing my father on the lips! It was incredible. The taste of liquor on his lips, the stubble, his tongue really knew what it was doing.

"Let's get the fuck out of here."

We got back and sent the babysitter home and the old Harv to bed. He was only ten now so he was pretty tired.

Dad sat me down on the couch and we began to make out. I couldn't believe it! I was making out with my own Dad. Before I knew it both our shirts were off and we were rolling around feeling each others pecs and other muscles. We just lay there for a while feeling each other and finally my Dad couldn't take it any more.

"Son, can you do something really special for me?"

"What is it, Daddy?"

"Suck on your old man's cock, son." I looked at his dick and immediately salivated.

"Only if you do it for me later!" He shook his head yes vigorously.

I sucked him off and he creamed inside my mouth and it was better than a Cadbury egg. God this was amazing! After my Dad sucked me off for the first time and I just screamed from feeling so good I pretty much knew I always wanted to be with him. We rubbed our dicks together and promised we would never go back to "normal". And maybe if Harv was really good we would let him age every now and then.

"You know, we can actually change whoever we want now." I said.

"You want me to change how you look? Just let me know? We should experiment!" my dad said.

Hmmmm. I can look like anyone, I thought. What should I go for?

"Surprise me," I said. "Have me wake up tomorrow as something new. Your ultimate fantasy."

"I've only been gay less than a day. But...I think I can put something together." We went up to Dad's room and fell asleep together.

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