Monday, July 7, 2014

Head Transplant

"Holy shit, dude! I can't believe it. I can't believe it, your body"

"Different? Haha. I know."

And then Max stood up. I literally could not believe my eyes. My best friend now towered above me. Just two months before he'd been a foot and half shorter. After the surgery he'd needed time to heal and I was in shock. It was like he was a different person!

"You like what you see, man? Cause I do." Max flexed and I nearly fainted. HE WAS HUGE! And he was only a freshman in high school. Now with the body of a true man.

"So what happened to the uh...the guy?"

"Oh him? Funny you should ask. As you know, the military has this whole thing under the category of it was done as an emergency. I mean, we have to say it was an emergency. Once this goes public and they see how well my scars healed they will be able to make a bundle of fucking money."

"Oh, right. But, you signed on board as a test subject?"

"Something like that," Max smirked and kept rubbing his enormous muscles with more happiness than I'd ever seen on his face. "See this guy, he was sort of doing something he shouldn't. Screwing another guy's wife. That guy was my dad. And you know how powerful my dad is? Well he had black ops come in and do a total brainwashing on this dude. He thinks he did it for his love of America. And I get his huge body. I have the body of an adult and it's fucking awesome!" Max rubbed his formidable package. It was like every wet dream I'd ever had come true.

"So your dad got revenge on him by giving him YOUR body? How is he gonna explain THAT?"

"Oh he's gonna live on the base. For a while. He'll have my body as it grows up and goes through puberty but uh...he'll never be this big again."

"So that body fucked your mom?"

"Yeah but I think it's pretty funny. Once she finds out she'll be pretty pissed but me and Dad have talked and now that they are separated I'll live with him. Suits me just fine, though. I LIKE THIS BODY. FUCK IT'S SO GOOD TO BE THIS BIG!" he roared.  He flexed and went over to the wall where he lifted a pair of hundred pound dumbbells and just started using them to pump himself up, as if it was nothing. He looked like a fucking animal. He snarled and walked back over. Max crossed his arms and looked down at me. "Do you like the tattoos? I think they're fucking sick, bro!"

"So are they gonna keep you here, too?"

"Nah, as soon as they have the press release I'll be outta here. Can't WAIT to get back to school like this. I'm gonna be having more sex than anyone in that fucking place, including the gym coach. Maybe I'll even let HIM suck my dick. It's so fucking huge! Some guys here on base are twice my age and they're only half the man I am!"

" I don't even know what to say, Max."

"And now we gotta see what this body can really do, bro. You and me have gotta talk. I know you're gay and you know I'm gay. So what do you just say we cut to the chase. Come here!" Max grabbed me and pulled me up, carried me to a bed in the corner. He was so strong! His pecs bounced and I felt the slabs against my frame. He laid me down and got to business, ripping my clothes off and showing me how strong he was by pinning me down and forcing me to try to get up. I couldn't.

I was overwhelmingly turned on as my best friend  showed me how much of a man he was. I thought about the other guy and how small and pathetic he must look. 


  1. Wow! This has to be one of the greatest concepts for a story yet. You should do a sequel.

  2. Wow this is one of my new favorites!