Sunday, June 15, 2014

Zoltar - Father's Day Edition

"This is a pretty good movie. Do you like it, son?"

"Yeah. I love the Avengers. I wish I could be big and strong."

"Well one day you will be. Just like your old man."

"Oh I almost forgot! I have something for you."

"You do? For Father's Day?"

"Yeah! I got it from a friend. Hold on." Little Danny looked for the present in his backpack. When he came back he was holding a small card.

"So what's this?"

"It's your Father's Day present? I got it from a friend so I'm giving it to you."

It was a card with a strange Arab portrait of a man with a turban and mustache. The name said ZOLTAR in curved Arabesque letters. On the back was a simple phrase "Your wish is granted."

"So this is a wish card?"

"Yeah, Daddy. I wished you would not have to go to your work again and that you could stay home like you always say you want to."

"Aw, that's sweet, honey. But I have to work. I miss you a whole lot but I'm a single Dad and I need to make money so we can live in this house and you can have all the cool things you need.

"I know that! But I made the wish anyway. My friend had this machine and he said it could help. He gave me a whole quarter."

"Well, I'm sorry sweetie, but I have to go to work on Monday. But you know what? We have all weekend to spend together! Okay, sport?"

"Okay daddy!" Danny said, as his dad gave him a big huge hug. "But Daddy, it was for Father's Day. So maybe it won't work til tomorrow."

"Well, tomorrow is Father's Day. How about you and me go out to breakfast, sport?

"Can I have pancakes?!"

"You sure can, sport!"

"Yay!" Dad spun Danny around as he laughed. Suddenly after spinning his son around, Caleb felt dizzy and decided to lie down. "I think I need to take a little nap."

"But Daddy, it's only 7. We haven't had dinner yet."

"We will soon. I just need to take a nap. Wake me up in an hour and I'll make you dinner."

"Okay. I'll take a nap, too!" His son curled up on the other sofa, and father and son dozed off while watching each other.

When Caleb awoke, he didn't feel right. He felt strange and his limbs just didn't feel the same way somehow. He stretched and his body felt oddly light. Then he looked up at all the enormous furniture. It was daylight. Morning. He had overslept! And why was everything huge? It suddenly scared him that somehow he had ingested some old magic mushrooms by accident somehow. He heard a man calling out for someone and went outside to see who could possibly be in the yard...

"There you are! I thought you were gonna sleep FOREVER, Daddy!"

"What..." Caleb looked around and realized how short he was. And he looked in the nearby mirror to gaze suddenly at his son's reflection.

"Isn't this great!" Danny looked at his arms in wonder and felt his new big chest and posed and smiled at his father hoping to see pride in his father's face. After all he was so big now! Daddy must love that!"

"No. This isn't possible!"

"You're me and I'm you! Zoltar made it happen cuz of my wish! Now you can stay home and I can go to work! I mean for the summer. I don't know if we'll switch back when you have to go back to school."

"You switched bodies. We switched bodies?"

"Yeah and I feel great! Being so...I'm so big! Look, Daddy! Look how big I am! You''re not mad, are you?"

"What? Uh...okay. I'm not on magic mushrooms. Am I?"

"Is that like Super Mario mushrooms?"

"Yes," Caleb lied quickly. "Okay. I need to remain calm. How exactly did you make this wish. We need to reverse it. You can't go to work for me. It's just not possible."

"Well I got it from my friend who brought me to this man at the casino. But he used to be little like me and now he and his daddy are both each other and he said I could switch with you. He wants me to be on the Mayor's Council and work in the office. That way I can help you to not go to work and he said in a few days I would know how to do your job and everything. You're not mad are you?"

"Mad? No." Caleb lied. "Can you introduce me to your friend with the genie, sweetie? I'd like to have words with him."

"I have his business card! It's in my backpack! If you want to switch back I'm sorry. I thought you'd like not going to work and I just wanted to help," Danny said sadly, starting to feel bad and guilty. "Please don't be mad at me, Daddy, please please please?"

"Don't whine, sweetie. Grown men don't whine like that. It sounds really bad. If you look like a grownup you need to act like one."

"Okay. Sorry. Here ya go."

Caleb called the number and an amused voice answered.

"Ah, Mr. Gable. Yes, how do you like your new body? I hope you don't find it too inconvenient."

Caleb refrained from swearing. He didn't want his son to pick up swear words. He was only a little kid's mind inside that big strong body. "Look, pal. You can't leave my 9 year old son in my body. He has no idea how to do my job. I have no idea who you are but since you can swap people's bodies I assume you're really fucking powerful so I'm asking you real nice to please don't do this. For his sake. I need to take care of him."

"You need to relax," the man named Saul continued. "He'll get all your legal and business knowledge tomorrow. I can't wish too much at once. Zoltar likes to take his time, you see. Needs a while to collect himself, or so he's told me."

"Why the f--why are you doing this? What did I ever do to you?"

"It's more what your son can do for me, little things like getting one of MY boys in the mayor's office. But I wouldn't worry about that. Worry about your math test on Tuesday." Saul sounded amused.

Pleading got nowhere. He hung up.

"Daddy? Are you okay? I don't feel good. My mouth feels weird and so does my throat and when I breathe it's like hot almost. I think I'm sick."

"You're not sick. You...oh God you need a cigarette." Caleb was horrified. He never wanted his son to pick up his bad habit.

"But you said never smoke! You said it was bad for me!"

"It is,'s difficult to stop for adults. Very hard. It will drive you crazy if you don't have one. It's addictive. I can't believe I'm giving you this, but just smoke it and when we switch back please don't do it ever again. I need to figure this out." Caleb got a lighter. "I'm sorry, but I know how miserable you'll be if you don't have one. Just sort of hold it like this. You don't want to hold it like that. Real men hold their cigarettes like this. And flick the ash like this. Now just sort of breathe it in."

Danny did like his father said. A big smile crept over his face. "Wow!" He tried it some more. "WOW! That's great! I like it." He experimented more. "That's awesome. Why did you say it felt bad? I love smoking."

"Well I don't want you to love it. I feel very bad you have to do it."

"I don't! Hey can I smoke your cigars, too? This is okay but I think I really want one!"

Before Caleb could do anything, Danny was asking how to cut the Macanudo he now possessed after fishing it out of the humidor he could now reach.

"I can reach things way up high, Daddy!" he said, his big deep voice in huge contrast to his immature words.

Danny proceeded to have the time of his life smoking one of his father's cigars. It felt sooooo good!

"This is fantastic! Oh, I never want to be a kid again if I can't smoke cigars!"

"We are not staying like this."

"Yeah we are. I'm not gonna go back. You can't make me."

"Danny, that's just mean. It's my body!"

"I'm sorry, son."

"Son? I'm not your son, you stop that! Stop trying to act like me!"

"I can't help it. I think I'm starting to feel more adult. I think it's the cigar. Mmmmm." He smoked more and suddenly an idea hit him. "Dad, let's go to get some breakfast. I...I'll drive the car into town!"

"No you will most certainly not. You don't know how. No way!"

"I do! I just realized. I can drive now! And I look good with my cigar.

Danny went to get dressed in his room but laughed when he put on his clothes and they didn't fit anymore.

"I need grown up clothes! Cool! I'm way bigger than these clothes now!"

Caleb watched in horror as if he was in a dream. His son happily put his cigar down on an ashtray and smiled, very satisfied with his muscles as he put on one of his dad's T shirts and jeans. Best of all, he put on his dad's huge shoes! Those shoes used to be way too big for his feet!

"Cool!" Danny picked up his cigar and led Caleb to the car. His son smoked and held the cigar out the window. He started up the car and backed the car out of the driveway, put the cigar in his mouth and drove all the way to the restaurant. "See, told ya! I can totally drive now!"

Father's Day passed with the two switching roles publicly. Danny walked around as if he was the dad. Caleb pretended he was the son. Danny had fun using his new debit card to buy some new stuff. He needed some beer for later, and smiled down when his dad didn't even object.

They got home and Danny tried his first brew. He happily turned on a movie and Caleb cuddled up with his new father. Danny was still his family and oddly he was alright with all this.

"I know it's been a tough day for you, slugger. But I love you. I promise I'll be a good dad. I PROMISE. I love you!"

"You do?" Caleb said, almost tearfully.

"Of course I do. Just because I'm the adult now doesn't mean I don't love you." Danny put his beer down and hugged his now much smaller father. "Happy Father's Day," he whispered.

"No. I...I should say that to you now. You're right. I do feel good about this. I guess it must the be magic but all day long I love looking up at you. I love you son. I mean...I mean Dad. Happy Father's Day."

Danny hugged his new son again and after the movie was over put him to bed. Then he went back to his new room and looked at his new dick. He'd been waiting all Father's Day to have some alone time so he could figure out how this thing worked and at the thought of other hot sweaty guys with muscles his dick sprang to attention. His dad had never mentioned why mom left but he had an idea why now and he intended on not being single for long. As he stroked off to gay porn for the first time and came buckets everywhere he smiled deliriously. He couldn't wait to wear a suit tomorrow while his new son stayed home for summer vacation!

Best Father's Day ever, he thought, jerking off for a second time with his now enormous cock.


  1. Once again another great Zoltar story. Can't wait to see what the entire plan leads to.

  2. Wow! Danny becomes so hot! Love the story!