Friday, June 13, 2014

Just Make Dinner

"You started dinner yet, babe?"

"No, I was just about to start. Look, I just want to say I know things have been hard for you. Maybe we can switch back and-"

"We ain't switchin' back. I'm the man now and you love me being the man. Sides' we can't switch cause it isn't Friday the 13th anymore."


"We would have to wait another year. Not that I have any reason to switch back. You can have the baby and I'm gonna fuck my pretty little wife like the stud I am. I'll go to work, you wait on me hand on foot like a good little girl."

"But-you're not pregnant!'

"Well no, not anymore." the new Buck adjusted his cowboy hat, smoking. "Bet you want to suck my cock tonight, don't you sweetie? It was part of my wish after you treated me like you did. Hitting me? You're lucky I didn't kill you after you hit me the tenth time. Luckily for me," Buck touched his new wife on the ass and fondled her, objectifying her. "Luckily I don't take orders well and you had the body of MY dreams, just not the way you thought."

"I cannot have a baby!"

"OH you'll have a baby. If you ever want to be a man again, you'll go through the entire pregnancy. You're gonna let me have my fucking way with you, fuck you long and hard like I did last night. You liked that didn't you. And since I'm in charge of this relationship you should know I'm gonna fuck other men in this body. You're just my special girl." The new Buck fondled Shirley. She used to be an asshole of a boyfriend but now she was learning a good lesson.

"You can't do this, please."

"Oh come on. Suck it up. You'll be a great mommy. Now shut up, and just make dinner. I'll be waiting in the living room. You can serve me there, sweetie. And make sure you do my laundry. These balls sweat a lot so I got plenty of sweaty underwear for you."

Buck sauntered into the room and his new girlfriend, who used to feel so good about being a man, smoking cigarettes, hanging out with the boys drinking beer, going to work at the factory in a big wheel truck...started making dinner sadly, all thanks to the power of Friday the 13th.

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