Friday, May 30, 2014

Zoltar - Part 2

"Uh...can we talk?"
It had been a full week since Saul and Sammy had switched bodies. But Sammy quickly realized that being in a big man's body, especially one that ran a casino with a bunch of gangsters, was not something a little boy could do. So he made a second wish to Zoltar to think more like his dad. He came home that night and had a much different perspective on things. He laid down the law, told Saul he was the new Sammy and if he didn't like it he could get a swat across the ass and no supper.

Sufficed to say, he became addicted to his new power over his former father. He bossed him around all week and bullied him the way his father used to bully him. He made more wishes to Zoltar. He wished to be even BIGGER. He wished to be even MORE handsome. Now he was practically a walking sex god. Now that he knew everything an adult should know, specifically his father, he had also developed his father's tastes. He started smoking his father's cigars. When his father protested he finally got the spanking he had had coming to him. Little Sammy had moved up in the world. Now he was timid and scared of him. This is so fucking cool! he thought. Dad has to be afraid of me. He fucking better be!

"Yes, son? What would you like to talk about?"

"Well's just. It's so difficult to make this adjustment. I mean, you're acting so...mature."

"Well I am your father now. I figure a father should act like a real man. You'll understand when your balls drop and you can manage your own business, and keep tabs of everything. It's a lot of responsibility I've taken over, son. I hope you realize that you should thank me for that. You owe me." The new Saul smiled. He had been childish his first few days in a big body but now he felt like he was really at home in it.

"That's what I mean to talk to you about. People at school notice I'm different. They know that I'm not really the same. So, I can't believe I'm saying this son, I, but, I don't know how you're doing all this but I do know that I can't go on like this. I'm a man, an important man, and I'm living as a little kid. I just can't do it. So, what I'm gonna ask you to do is grow me up in this body, if that's possible."

"No can do, kiddo. I like you the way you are." the new Saul smiled. His father was begging him. It was about the best thing ever.

"But...I can't go on like this. It's torture to have an adult mind and be surrounded by children and living as one. You have no idea!"

"Oh I think I have some. Guess what, pops? You're not as big and mighty as you thought. Looks like someone likes things this way. And that someone is ME. Now go do your homework. When you finish you can play in the pool."

The new Sammy watched his new father and his huge body have fun in the pool and relax.

It wasn't fair! If only he knew how the little shit was doing this!

The phone rang. He picked it up.

"Hello? Oh, uh...hi. Dad is in the pool right now. Uh huh. I can take a message. The genie machine has been bought and moved to unit. Yeah. Uh, what storage unit was it again? Oh ok. And how do you get in? The combination? I'll give it to him. Yeah. Thanks."

Well, well, that's how you must have done it, thought the former Saul. Well, two can play at that game...but there wasn't much time.


"Yes, son." the former child said, not caring about anything.

"I just got a call from Devon. Can I go over to his house and play?"

"I suppose that's okay. He lives nearby. And this will give you the chance to get used to being a kid. I think that's a great idea. Just don't give too much away. Try to act like a kid." his new father told him.

"Oh okay. I better get going. Bye, dad."

The new Sammy raced on his bike. The storage unit would take a while to get to on a bicycle. It took him two whole hours but hopefully his impostor of a son hadn't called Devon at all. He finally got to the storage unit place. He raced through and found the right unit and opened it up...and there it was. The wish machine. After he became an adult again, he could wish for anything. He could wish to be ruler of the planet! He could wish to be immortal! He could wish to be young and hugely muscled and for women to obey his every command and fall in love with him and...

He dug for some change and nervously put it into the slot.

"I wish that I was an adult again!"

A card came out of the machine, which the smiling genie bestowed on him.

"Thanks, Zoltar! I'm sure this whole thing will finally pass over now. I owe ya one."

The little boy closed the door and headed home. He didn't give anything away to his "father" and soon he was ready for bed. He couldn't wait! Last time he had to go to sleep in order for it to take effect.

As he woke up slowly, his eyes adjusted to the room. He was in the same bed. A little kid's bed! He got up. He had to jump down to the floor. Something was wrong. Something was very wrong!

He ran to the bathroom, his little legs carrying him as fast as he could. He opened the door. Everything was too big! This was terrible! He had to be five years old! Why had the genie lied! He got a stepstool and climbed up so he could look at the damage in the mirror.


Everything was a whirlwind. He looked for some clothes that fit. Only some of his son's older clothes fit him at all. He was on the verge of tears.

He went into his son's or the new Saul's room and climbed up. How could this happen? What had he done to deserve now being stuck as a dwarf!

The new Saul walked in and jumped. 

"Who the hell are you? How did you get into my house?"

"It's me you asshole! It's your father!"

The new Saul gaped. Then he started laughing. 

"You found the machine! Oh man, that is great!" He continued laughing hysterically as the old Saul fumed. Finally the new Saul stopped. "Well I guess I will have to change the location of the machine. Oh wait, I don't have to. I already made a wish that if you made any wishes they would backfire and the genie would give you some kind of ironic punishment for being such a horrible father. Serves you right! But don't worry, I'm sure we can find some new line of work for you. Maybe I can hire you for the casino. We could dress you up in a costume and you could serve drinks! Maybe a little tiny cowboy!"

" change me back! I don't deserve this! I can't live like this! I'm a man!"

"I know. You're a man dwarf. And you are such a cute one!" The new Saul pinched his cheek. "Guess I will move the machine, though, just to be on the safe side. I'll have the boys take care of it. Hey, by the way, I think you look really good this way. I'm glad you've finally grown up, dad. Hahahahahahahahaha!" The big, huge man his son had turned into left and Saul just sat there, humiliated and alone.


  1. Great twist!!! wouldn't mind seeing more men end up getting "reduced" like that haha :D

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