Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Getaway

I wonder what my Dad is doing back home. Probably his homework. Heh. Man, it's great to relax and do whatever I want! I can go to the beach, I can go get drinks at an actual bar! I even went on several boat trips, went diving with my big new body, went to a bunch of parties. Girls really like a former marine. Heh.

When my dad said he wanted to get away from it all his best friend Maddox told him he could give him a free vacation. Maddox said he could use a body swap spell to switch their bodies. He wanted my dad to go on vacation as thanks for all the help my dad had given him in the past. I was eavesdropping and then ran in just as he was reciting the spell and the energy of the circle was interrupted as I came in...

Dad wound up in my body. I wound up in Maddox's body. Maddox wound up as my dad. We all were knocked out and woke up around the same time. My dad was furious! But the body swap normally is something that lasts a week and then you wake up and it's all over. But Maddox didn't know if it would still work now that three people were involved. He was being calm but he was in a nice, handsome body. My dad's body. I was Maddox and I started jumping up and down while Maddox told me I was wrong to do what I'd done and dad just screamed at me. I threatened to beat him up but Maddox intervened.

Eventually I realized I could go on vacation to the island resort and dad said I couldn't but I told him how are you going to stop me? Maddox was helpless. I grabbed the keys to his car. He tried to stop me but I drove all the way to his house! I knew how to drive! It's like his body remembered and I was just doing it automatically like I'd been doing it for years!

I packed a suitcase and the next thing I knew I was here. Last night made it my eighth night in this body. Maddox and my dad flooded my new cel phone with all these messages but I don't care. I'm gonna go back home only to get Maddox's..I mean, my, new things. I'm really rich now! Maddox has a lot of money which means it's all mine now! He and dad are both really angry at me but if I go back they might be able to switch with me again. And I know Maddox won't give dad his body back because he'd rather be an adult. But he will have dad's job and not make as much money so he must be just as mad.

But whatever. I can get away with it. Who would ever believe them?

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  1. Love this. The picture's hot. Wonder how his dad and Maddox are dealing with this.