Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Let's Arm Wrestle For It

"Okay, squirt. If you can beat me at arm wrestling this one time, you can switch bodies with me."


"On the count of three. One. Two...Three!"

"What are you boys doing?"

Cass wasted no time while his uncle was distracted and quickly slammed his uncle's arm on the table.

"No! No no no! No I wasn't ready!"

"A deals a deal! You're a full wizard, you can't go back on your word!"

It was true. Uncle Rob was a wizard and wizards could not go back on any magical deal or they would lose their power.

"What's going on?"

"Stacey, you have no idea what you've done! You distracted me!"

"So? Why? What's going on? Is something going on?"

"Uncle Rob said I could have his body for a whole month if I won at arm wrestling!"

"Whaaat, no. NO. You guys are not going to switch bodies. I have had it with all these magical mishaps, Rob! When I found out wizards were real I thought it would be amazing but so far you've turned into a panther, put a spell on my father to make him not funny by the way, and made my other brother into an overmuscled bouncer!"

"He likes being a bouncer!"

"He liked being a scientist more and he still would be if he knew you had to trade brains for brawns!"

"Well, time to trade bodies!" Cass shook his uncle's hand and a bright yellow glow made both of their hands burn like fire for a brief few seconds. Both man and boy started looking at their hands with shock.

"Oh wow! I am a grown up now! My voice! My voice is totally deep! Hey, does this mean I have magic powers, too?"

"Yes, but you can't use them illegally or you'll get in huge trouble with the wizard's council!"

" guys are in each other's bodies? Cass, can't you just decide to give my boyfriend his body back?"

"No way! I'm a grown up now! I can do anything I want! I can ride a MOTORCYCLE! This is going to be so awesome!"

"No it isn't. You still have to go to a job."

"Why? I'm a wizard, I'll just make everyone do what I want."

"Wizards have laws. You have to obey them. People have to agree to have magic done to them. If you want to spend the rest of your new adult life behind bars in a volcano then by all means, go for it."

"Oh. Well, okay I'll go to your job. How hard could it be?" Cass said arrogantly.

"Okay I'm gonna go. And me when you have pubes again."

"Haha!" Cass pointed at the smaller boy Rob had become. "You don't have pubes! Hey. Wait!" He checked his new package out by peeking into his pants. "I have pubes! And wow...uh..."

"I will definitely not be back until you guys are normal again. BYE."

"Stacey, wait! I can fix this."

"Yeah you do that."

"I'm a grown up and you're not, this is gonna be awesome!"

"You can't tell your dad about this, or he'll totally kill me."

"You mean he'll kill you. I'm able to go anywhere I want. And speaking of that, I think I'll head down to the bar for a BREW, and you can stay here and play little boy games. Yup yup yup, it sure is great to be a big adult type guy. See ya later, NEPHEW."

"Try and act mature as possible."

"I am mature! You're the one who's immature!"

Rob groaned in his new child body. Hopefully they could convince the family they were each other over the next month if Cass could keep his mouth shut!

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