Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Kid, Don't Bother Me

"Danny! What are you doing here? You were supposed to be at my house!" I said in desperation.

"Dude, kid. Don't bother me. I'm busy. Go home."

"Danny, we have to get you back to your real age!"

"Why? I got some ID. Those papers your uncle made were top notch. I talked with this guy today. I'm getting a job! Fuck bein' a kid!"

"But...you're my best friend."

"Look," he said blowing smoke. "I got nothin' to go back to. I hate my mom. I don't wanna go home. Let her think I'm dead. I ain't goin' back. I got a woman who gave me head last night!" He whispered. "Why the fuck would I give that up? For you? No offense but I'd have to be a dumbass to choose you over pussy. She also let me uh...dude, you're too young to hear. But uh," he started grinding in his seat and laughed and put his cigar back in his mouth.

"Is this your kid? There ain't no kids allowed in the bar."

"He's my friend's kid. He was just leavin'."

I left feeling so dejected. My uncle had made an old army growth tank work. It was old and from the sixties but it worked. It had broken after Danny used it without his knowledge. It was all super secret and he could get in major trouble for stealing it from the army base after it was closed. But he worked there and was the only one who knew about it. The guys who built it were all dead now. All the research was in my uncle's house.

I asked my uncle to help me out. To make me older. I can't stand that Danny is an adult and I'm not! But he said no and locked up the machine. I gotta get in there and grow up, too! I'm just so mad. And now I have to get home before the street lights are out. I'm only 11 still. I can't do anything and Danny can do whatever he wants! Except say "Don't bother me, kid." Grrrr!

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  1. Is he going to use the machine? This could turn into a series.