Friday, May 2, 2014

Four More Shorts

At first, when I woke up and I was in my best friend’s dad’s body…I was really freaked out. Mr. Davies was so mad being in my 8 year old body but I got pretty into pretending to be a big grown up. After he was forced to go “home” to HIS new parents, I was free to explore MY new house! It was so much fun! I tried beer for the first time. And I am now able to smoke a pipe. At first I wasn’t very good at lighting. But then I got used to it. I was told to never smoke but my body kept thinking about it. It’s warm and smells good and really relaxes me. Best of all my best friend is now my son! I’m gonna have so much fun being a daddy! How hard could being a real grown up even be??

I was 14 and horny as fuck. My uncle and me had started living together because my dad was in jail and my mom was dead. He and I were close. Then, one day, I told him I was gay and he said he knew and told me he was gay, too! I told him I wished I could be his age. Well, as it turns out, he wished he could be mine. My uncle has a magic talent to swap bodies with anyone he wants but he only can do it with people he trusts. He lets me have his body for a few days here and there and I can do everything adults do! It’s awesome! I have had sex three times now! It’s great because being in his body makes me feel more masculine and confident and when he’s in my body he is making people think I’m totally awesome and confident as well. He got me so many friends at school! And now if you’ll excuse me, my gym teacher is coming over and we’re going to have a little. 

So this is what it’s like to be an adult. I like it. I wished to be a fireman but I never thought it would happen overnight. I don’t know what is responsible but for whatever reason I switched bodies with a fireman in my town and now he’s me. Now I’m smoking cigars and getting laid by women that get turned on by men in uniform. I’m only 11 but I’ve lost my virginity. This is the life!

When I found my uncle’s smoking jacket and tried it out, it dwarfed me. My uncle was in town getting supplies and I was staying in his cabin, deep in the woods. He came home to wake me up screaming at me I’d used his jacket and I mumbled something and thought i might be sick, my voice was gravelly all of a sudden. I felt so HEAVY. I got up and my uncle was still chewing me out but he was…shorter than me. That wasn’t right! I only came up to his waist! I soon discovered I was a grown man because the jacket turns whoever owns it into a stud, which explains why he’s so big and strong. I guess he wore the jacket at the age of 16 and went from a nerd to a cigar smoking jock. Oh yeah and that’s another side effect. I immediately craved a cigar as soon as I woke up and had some coffee and breakfast. I asked my uncle for one and hesitantly, he gave me one. He didn’t even have to tell me how to smoke, I just knew what to do. Pretty soon I was strutting myself around and wondering how we would explain this to my parents. I couldn’t exactly go back to 7th grade like THIS! Not that I minded!

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