Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Catcher and Pitcher

"Yeah, fucker. Suck my dick you worthless fuck. OH GOD YEAH FUCK YEAH!"

Losing my virginity had been a lot different than I imagined after finding myself with a magic baseball glove that actually granted wishes. Don't ask me how. One minute I sucked at baseball and the next I was hitting home runs, after one idle wish. I tested the glove out after that happened. I was suspicious it had helped me but I had to make sure. So, the first thing I wished for was the ability to swap bodies with whoever I wanted. I switched with my gym coach, Coach Summers. He was pretty much the manliest guy I'd ever known! And now my history teacher, Mr. Smith...was sucking my fat new cock! I found out pretty much right away how much life would rule being a gym coach after my old body started shouting and I picked him up! I can pick up people now! He's so SMALL I can pick him up! I had no idea I was ever that small, really. Now I knew. I was tall and I can even shave now! My daddy has no idea there's been a switch. And after getting my cock sucked for the first time by a real professional cocksucker, I knew there was NO going back. My old coach, now as me, keeps asking me how long I think I can do this. Well, it's not easy. I had to take his advice on how to be a teacher. I keep telling him I have no idea how to switch back but we could switch back at any time, so he had to help me pretend to be him. It's been six months now and I have cocksuckers lining up for me online. I have my OWN HOUSE where I don't have to listen to any parents!! I'm not in 7th grade anymore, I teach it! And after a week I realized duh, I can just wish for all his knowledge on how to teach gym. It's not that hard. I instantly got all his know-how. I go to the gym to keep my hot bod in shape. I get to tell my old bullies what to do! I can curse (just not in school still) and I can rent porn, and even drive! THAT part was really hard and I had to take the bus for a while but the best part is I can smoke cigars. That part fucking rules. I was so scared when I started but then I realized, no one can tell me what to do in my own fucking house! Certainly not this cocksucker, he does whatever I fucking tell him to do. Including playing catcher to my pitcher.

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