Friday, April 4, 2014

April Fool's Day: 2014 - Black Dreams Can Come True

My name is Jacob and I am basically a huge bottom nerd. I know. You're shocked. Anyway, this is me. Not too shabby. But I am what I am and I'm, in spite of my fantasies, never going to be the size I really want to be.

I love big guys. Especially big black guys. I'm just a real nice guy and I love being...well, I love being passive. I don't care what anyone thinks. Like, I fantasize about being a top but I just don't have the body for it.

One thing about me? I am amazing at sucking dick. See?

Amazing. Everyone that tries my mouth says so.

Anyway anyway, I have a certain look that drives some people crazy. And now we get to a really interesting part of my life because I met some guy named, if you can believe this, Bacchus April. That was his real name. I met him online. I thought his screenname "Bacchus" had to be a joke but apparently it's like, his name. He is super hot. A total executive. This is what he looks like.

I have to say, I went all out that night. He used every part of my body to please himself. He was such a nice guy. Average dick. But God just look at him. So hot, right? I thought he was too impossibly hot to be real!

Then he gets to talking about my reward. I'm like what. And he's like, yeah, I'm giving you a reward. So he takes me to the most expensive restaurant in town. He takes me home. We make out more. He manhandles me. He tells me he's thinking of having a huge party in April. He's big on April haha. Why not, right? He says the party will be April 1st and I'm like awesome.

So, all week long he just fucks the shit out of me. He calls me one day from his huge corporate office. He tells me to wear my nicest clothing. I say I don't even have a suit. He's like then go buy one and I'll reimburse you. So I do and I wind up going to his office and he fucks me ON HIS DESK. Holy fuck, so hot.

He asks me if I could look like anything, or anyone, what would I want to look like. There was this guy I knew, he went to the gym I went to. Big black guy. His name is Jaquan. Sounds like Juh-kwan. And I'm like, a big black dude I love to look at down at the gym. And he makes fun of me for going to the gym and looking like me and I'm like well mainly I go to look at big black dudes haha.

"He hands me a few hundred bucks and he's like, make sure you don't go to a thrift shop next time," and smiled at me and sent me home.

I show up to his house early for the party on the 1st. You will never believe who answered the door.


Jaquan. Holy shit he is the hottest. I got stupid real quick. I could barely talk.

So after a while we were invited into one of the bedrooms and Bacchus is all like, now we are gonna have some real fun.

The next thing I knew, I was flying up out of my body and WHOOSH! I blink and look down. At my black hands.

"Oh my God!" I say, in a booming voice. I sound like the Old Spice commercial guy. "That...that can't be my voice! Oh my God, my body! I...I'm HUGE!"

"And I'm a cute lil' white twink. Shit, this is weird," my body said.

"Welcome to your bodies for one year."

I freaked out and just started stuttering and Jaquan in my white body came up to me.

"Here's the deal. You get my body, little man. Well, big man now. And I get yours. And then after a year if you want a new body, you ask this Mr. April here for who you want."

"You're okay with this? But you're fucking gorgeous! Why would you want to be ME?"

"Because I have always wanted to know what it's like to be small, nerdy, and white. Call it a fetish. But I think both of us can have some fun. Check out the WHOLE package."

I looked in my drawers. NINE INCHES MOTHERFUCKER!


Jaquan in my body came up and started to rub his back up against me.

"Oh Jaquan, you feel so good, how does this feel? Shit, I always wanted to know what it would be like to get fucked with my own dick!"

"I don't...I don't...oh my shit this feels so good! OH!" My monster dick just had a mind of its own. The party revelers started to come in downstairs.

"It's a gay orgy. Fuck yourselves until you can't come anymore." Bacchus said, leaving. "And some guys will want to watch. Entertain them." His hand graced my enormous pecs. I bulged and made my pecs dance. Oh God, it felt so amazing!

"If you want, I'll train you to work out. You'll need to keep up my body."

"And you'll need to keep up in school. Little man." I smiled and lifted him up and pressed his ass against my monster cock, which was having a difficult time restraining itself. "And since I can now fit inside an extra large condom I really want to use one."

"Left pocket," he said. I took him into the nearest bedroom and ripped his clothes off, manhandling him like I always dreamed of doing to a smaller guy. I flexed. I flexed all over. "Shit! This is going to be awesome being a big black man! I have always wanted this!" I sat down on the bed and couldn't believe how much I bounced on it. I was so heavy now! It felt weird! I stood up and told him to lift his legs. I put on my extra large condom, used the lube on the nightstand and entered my own asshole with such RELIEF. I moaned with my new, deep, black voice.

As I carefully entered him he moaned too. He had never been this small with a large dick but luckily my asshole was well used to it. I started thrusting as partygoers peeked into the room.

"Say you're my bitch, white boy!"

"Oh yes, yes I am your bitch, sir!" he played along.

"Yeah I love me some white boy ass!" I pounded and pounded. I was an animal.

After I pounded him for a good solid half hour, I decided it was time to let his asshole rest. I invited any small, white boys (the kind this body loves nothing more than to fuck) in so I could take my time with each of them. FIVE of them LINED UP to service their new, enormous black Master.

I fucked them all and made them beg for it. I lifted some of them up off the air and did some white boy bench presses. I made them beg to touch my muscles. I just totally went for it. The new Jacob watched in the corner, stroking himself several times to watching me have so much fun as him.

2014 was going to be a very good year, I thought. I don't know if I'll wind up in my own body again or if Jaquan will want to be placed in yet another body but I talked with Mr. April later. He explained to me that this was his new deal. Every year now he has an orgy party and transforms the men of his choice. I wish I had his job. But I'm pretty happy with my new job as a professional boxing instructor. I absorbed a lot of ability when I got this body. Body memory, Mr. April calls it. Likewise, the new Jacob is adjusting very well to school as a math major.

This was the best April Fool's Day ever! Feel free to look at my muscles some more. You look like you want me to take you home with me but I warn you, I'm not as passive as I used to be...

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  1. Love it!!! As a white twinky guy myself I think I fell in love with this story haha :D!!!! hope to see more like it.