Saturday, April 5, 2014

April Fool's Day: 1977 - Gettin' Groovy

My names is Peter. I'm a little bit old-fashioned. I smoke a pipe and I live for the outdoors. A lot of people say I'm not groovy enough. Whatever. I'm a man and I chop wood and I own my own ranch.

My 11 year old nephew Billy came to the ranch for a few months so he could learn from me. His mother was beside herself. He had no respect for authority, she said. Well he would respect me.

The first week was misery for him. I did everything to make his life good but he was determined not to have fun. He sulked and wished he had TV. Well TV rots your brain, I told him. We did chores. Fun was all and well but life was about hard work.

I told him our first trip into town would be to go to the feed store. I had chickens, goats, sheep, and horses. Farm life requires knowledge and respect for animals. I took him there and the next thing I know the shop owner, old Mr. April who bought the store a few weeks ago, was chatting him up.

We got home and he was in a good mood! Well it's about time. He had a smile on this face all up until bedtime.

The next morning, I felt like a million bucks. Being in college was hard work so it was nice to spend Spring Break here on the farm with my uncle. God he was hot. I had to jerk off just thinking about him a lot of the time.

I came outside all dressed and my uncle was waiting there for me, looking at me with a feral smile. And completely naked.

"SO you like jerking off to me, huh? I heard you saying my name, young man. And you've been talking in your sleep. You just want to suck my dick and can't stop thinking about it. Admit it!"

I dropped to my knees and couldn't help but worship him. His older muscled body taught me a lot of things that day. He took me on the front porch and spanked me for being so naughty. I couldn't help but want to be the older one and him the younger. But I was so turned on by him.

He cradled me in his arms after a lustful fuckfest with only the woods as our audience.

"So how do you like being my nephew?" he asked with a mischevious grin.

"Well I've always loved it." He laughed.

"I bet, BOY. Now get ready, my cock is hungry for your hole!"

"Oh, Uncle Billy! I love how big your cock is, man! It just doesn't quit!"

"Yeah, I'm really enjoying this new body!"

I thought he must mean my body. I let him take me again and again. Then I ate out his hole. I had him in Uncle Heaven. I was his nephew. His nephew who had always wanted to have fun with him. I lived for fun. I begged him to take me into town.

"Well if you're good. Maybe we'll get some beers at the bar and go see a movie." He kissed me.  I didn't want this week to end! "We also have to go to the feed store," he told me. We cuddled.

We went into town the next day. He talked with the owner, some old dude named Mr. April, for like, forever. Then he took me out and it was like being with my first boyfriend. He was so in charge and I loved it. I wanted to be with him forever but nobody would ever accept the fact that we were related and fucking. Gay was one thing, incest not really something society was ready for.

The next morning I woke up and my new boyfriend told me we should go to the beach. I stretched and felt the sun on my huge muscles.

My new older boyfriend loved my body. Having just graduated from high school, I met him on the beach and saw him leering at me and then I started showing off. I knew this beautiful daddy wanted me. He even wanted me to call him Uncle Billy. Crazy. He was so crazy. We are totally gettin' groovy with each other. He says he is thinking of selling his farm so we can move to San Francisco. All the gays are flocking there these days. He says we are going to be fine together.

I am so happy! The 70s are the best decade ever for us gay guys yet and I can't wait to get a taste of being publicly affectionate in front of other actual gay couples, walking down the street without fear. A whole corner of our own.

Well, now it looks like it's time for some play. I love having fun. I am a fun whore. I love surfing and all sorts of sports and I can't bother to think about getting tied down doing something like farmwork. We are thinking of opening our own gym. How cool would that be? And now Uncle Billy wants to fuck me right here on the beach. Fine with me! The April Fool's Day I met him and sucked his cock right next to the ocean was one of the best of my life!

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