Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fool's Day: 1969 - Hippy Go Home

"Come on, Rainbow. Let's find a place to totally like, make out."

"Yeah, This is a pretty free place, man. And thank you for using my new name. Rainbow is my true name, man."

"I like that you are okay with being nude because it's like, natural. Like you and me are one with the universe, man."


Rainbow was Steve's first girlfriend and he would do anything for her. Wear long hair, beads, make love in public places. It was the height of the hippy movement and his parents were shocked by their son's strange new behavior. But when your girlfriend was a hot hippy who liked to take her shirt off, it tended to attract attention.

It wasn't long before the police arrived. It was a public park and these hippy gatherings were become a complete public nuisance. Rainbow and Steve were arrested and someone had the nerve to put a shirt on Rainbow. Stupid pigs, Steve thought.

Inside his jail cell the sheriff came to visit Steve and offered him a visit to his office. Steve followed the older man. It was midnight and only a few cops were on duty. Rainbow was in another cell, singing some hippy songs.

The sheriff invited Steve to sit across from him. He removed his shades and looked deep into Steve's eyes. Soon another cop joined them, a Sargent April.

"Groove name, man."

"Shut up, son. You're in a load of trouble," the Sheriff cut him off. "What in the HELL are you thinking? Your parents are upstanding citizens. You have a very good chance in life. And you wanna ruin it? Well not on my watch. This here is April and he is going to give us both a very special gift. He has a special talent and I met him a long time ago. Long story. But I am going to set your life straight for you."

"Yeah, right. What are you gonna do, man? Arrest me even more?"

"Son you don't have any respect for what I do. I'm just THE MAN. Now stand up straight."

Steve did so as if he was willing. Odd. He felt at ease suddenly with taking orders.

"You need some decent threads, son. Here, put on this uniform." April told him. Steve obeyed the cop, feeling suddenly ashamed of his ridiculous hippy outfit.

"Geez, sir, I don't know what I was thinking."

"And here, take my hat. I think you'll need it."

Everything went blurry for a second and the next thing Steve knew he was at the sheriff's desk. A young man who was nicely dressed was talking with April.

"See ya later, old man. I'm going to go apologize to my new folks and set my life straight. And the first thing I'm doing is signing up for the Young Republican's Club."

"But...I'm getting good grades in school. How do you look like me? And why are you wearing a suit? And you cut my hair!"

"It's my hair now you codger. Enjoy your new responsibilities. I know I will." The younger man smoothed out his lapels and left quite taken with himself, breathing in the new freedom of youth.

Steve caught his reflection in a small mirror on the wall and somehow he knew what he would see. The sheriff. They had traded lives. He was now a strapping older man.

"Your shift is over sheriff. Time to go home. You'll remember the way. I'll show you to your car."

The older man followed the younger cop in confusion. Soon he was in his car, a police car. It felt so odd to be at home in a police car. He adjusted his hat. It felt good to be dressed like a proper man instead of some young punk.

Within no time he was in his house..his house. HIS HOUSE. Yes, he had bought this house as a much younger cop. 

"Well, sheriff. What do you say we break in your new body. Take off that uniform for me real quick."

Steve was now fully aware he was becoming more one with this body. His name was Jeff Roberts. Sheriff of this small town and he felt a great responsibility towards all its citizens including the young people who had no idea how ridiculous they came across. With all their silly ideas about the way the world should work.

"Time for some peace and love, man." April said.

"Both of us are naked now. Whatever will we do?"

"Oh I'll think of something," the new Sheriff Roberts said, stroking his new mustache. "You just take it easy, son. I'll show you a real good time."

The new Jeff Roberts caressed his dick against the younger man's. All memories faded of his previous straight existence. Now he was an in charge kind of guy. Control was good. Those who were capable led. Yes, it made so much sense now. He was an alpha male. A cop. People looked up to him and he did what he wanted for the betterment of society at large. He fucked this young buck carefully at first and then long and hard. He put on some Sinatra records and the two of them kissed passionately and he manhandled the younger man quite forcibly all night.

"I knew you'd make a good cop. I could tell. You secretly didn't believe all that hippie philosophy, though there really isn't anything wrong with a good Bacchanalia."

"Son, don't press your luck. Report to me tomorrow at 11 sharp." The two men kissed and held each other more throughout the night as they fell asleep in each other's arms.

Sergeant April stayed on a few months before moving to some other job. Sheriff Roberts was sad to see him go but he had a blackmail list of drug pushers and hippie scum that were willing to suck his dick in return for favors. His life was good an he would never look back to his days as a younger, dumber hooligan. 

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