Sunday, March 23, 2014

Who Would Believe Loony Old Men?

"But Grandpa!"
"I said don’t call me that. Call me Sir if you want. But call me Eli when we’re in public."
"Eli is in YOUR body! He's you now! He's old! Why would you do this? Yeah yeah, I know why you did this. You say he's useless. But he really doesn't deserve this! This is way too weird. And he never smoked a day in his life!"
"Well now he does because I have taken the identity of this young Eli. And I don’t want you to ever tell anyone about it if you know what’s good for you, or you’ll wind up in one of my old squadron buddies bodies, and believe me you don’t want arthritis." Grandpa blew smoke in my face.
"Now go make me a cup of coffee, sonny. Do you want to be elderly? Get out of here and make my coffee."
"Y…Yes Sir." I said, not knowing what else to say. He was always in charge and now that he was young again I felt even more inclined to do whatever he said. God, my Grandpa was so sexy now! I wish I knew how he did it! But no one knows how to switch bodies except for him and the various elderly men who are taking the bodies of the lazier disappointments they find…usually looking at ex criminals who will never amount to anything. And it’s the perfect crime. Who would ever believe loony old men? And here I am not doing anything because I'm hoping now I have a shot with Eli...well..Grandpa in Eli's body. This was so unreal, sick, depraved, and yet...there is a part of me that doesn't want to fight it. It's like my Grandpa was always right about everything and now...
I brought him his coffee.
"I've been thinking."
"Mmm hmm," he said sipping.
"I don't want you to go anywhere. You're my favorite...well you know Dad left and I hate him. You're my family. I don't want you to die and now you can live for a long time and you can always be around and..."
"And you thought about how I can help you in this body." He looked at me with a look much older than his body, arching an eyebrow. "I know. I've thought of this. I intend on taking care of you, sonny. Don't worry. Your little friend was a shitheel and you know it. I deserve youth. He was stealing cars and dealing drugs. He was no good for you. Luckily the sheriff is helping us in our little enterprise. When he retires he is getting a fresh new body. I have my bases covered. You're only 16. But...well how would you like to never have to grow old?
"How are you doing this?"
"Just let Grandpa take care of everything. As a young man, I have the world at my fingertips." He blew his cigar.
"I want you...I want you to have that."
"And I know why you miss your friend. He and you were more than friends, you were fuck buddies. Oh don't look shocked, I saw shit more gay than you can believe in the army. Now that I'm in this body I find myself gay and I'll admit it, I'm not sorry. Women were always just trouble. Now, we'll talk about what we do about that later. Right now you are going to help my buddy Clyde. He needs a new body and your first task is to talk to several possible replacements and decide which one is next..."
As Grandpa gave me my instructions, I was glad he had thought things out so well. I didn't even want to talk, I was so smitten with him and I was glad my favorite person was now in the hottest body to me imaginable. It was like the perfect blend of spirit and seduction and I only prayed he would let me in to show him just how much I loved him...but I had to earn that, I supposed as I headed out the door with my new assignment. NO one will believe a bunch of looney old men, I thought to myself, for comfort.

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