Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Three Shorts

#1 Nice Clutch

I was staying with my uncle for the holidays and he kept asking me what I wanted. I didn’t want to go home to my mom. I wanted to live with him but he said that was impossible. She didn’t want to let me live with him in the mountains because I was only 11 years old. I wanted to be in a house of men not with my always working mother but she didn’t want to let go of her baby boy. For Christmas I wished for us to switch lives. I was more shocked than any moment ever when I had a huge throbbing man dick explode with cum upon the moment of my waking up from a wet dream. I had a beautiful adult body now and we’d traded ages! He was now 11 and I was his uncle. Everyone was convinced it had always been this way and after a long series of talks my former mother decided to have a change of heart and let the boy live with me. My uncle has been shocked but he loves me so much and I know I can take good care of him. And I know I can get laid like crazy with a dick this size. Best Christmas ever!

#2 A Christmas Witch

"Charlie, get your shit off the table and do it NOW!"
"Dad, stop yelling at me!"
"I’ll yell at you when I feel like yelling at you. I’m an adult. I get that privilege."
"Well if I was the adult and you were the kid I would be way cooler and not be a jerk all the time!"
"Do you want a swift kick in your behind? IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT? BECAUSE I CAN ARRANGE THAT!"
Both man and boy experienced blurred vision for a moment.
"Daddy? My voice. I’m tall! You look like me!"
"No! I must be having a goddamn acid trip!"
"What’s an acid trip? And I have hair on my face! I have your face! I HAVE YOUR FACE AND YOUR BODY WHY DADDY??"
"Son of a fucking bitch! That witch! It was that fucking witch!"
"Daddy, I’m scared!"
"She said she’d get even with me for cheating on her. Son of a fucking bitch!" the ten year old swore.
"Daddy, I’m bigger than you! I have your voice, too! I sound just like a grown up! Wow! Hey, and you can’t spank me anymore, either! Maybe I’ll spank you so you can be the kid who gets grounded!"
Sufficed to say, father and son had a very interesting time of the witch’s spell after finding themselves in new bodies.

# 3  Happy New Uncle Year

 When I was 13, a few days ago, my uncle wished he could trade places with me. He said he would give anything to be a kid again. What he didn’t know was that I’m a witch and my power is body switching. I told him and he didn’t believe me. Now that he’s been 13 a few days we are settling into our new lives. It’s so exciting! He’s helping me to fool everyone into thinking I’m a real grownup and he’s having fun running around with other young boys. I’m having fun getting to know his friends and doing all the things I always dreamed about…It’s the happiest New Year’s Eve ever! I can’t wait to get my new adult cherry popped, and I’m gonna be having sex for the first time tonight if I get lucky and play my cards right. Wish me luck!

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