Sunday, December 8, 2013

Fed Up

Brian looked at his big dick. He had gotten pretty used to his big dick and he didn't feel like going back to being nine years old again. He had only been an adult for three weeks now but he had gotten used to being treated like an adult by other adults. He began jerking off. He thought of all the hard sweaty men he had seen at the gym today. He had of course been using a different 24 hour fitness than his dad used. He had traded years with his father. This meant a whole new set of ID had to be made for Brian because he had taken his father's name, Hank. He had been calling himself Hank Scott Murdock for a whole three weeks now and felt pretty damn good about it. At first he had been terrified when his father suggested they trade ages so his father could enjoy a summer of being a boy again, playing baseball and playing with other children, and basically not doing anything. Brian was now working for a new company. His father had quit his old job and Brian (as Hank) had learned to drive a truck. His father had taught him over a few weeks how to do it and how trucks work before they switched ages.

Also joining him were dad's best friend and his son, Alex and Patrick Taylor. Alex had been the boy and now he was a man and his father was a boy again. Patrick was a former salvage yard employee. He had gotten lucky enough to find something he shouldn't in an old locker. It was in an old warehouse. Everything had been abandoned. He had been sent in with a clean up crew who were just getting scrap metal out of the place. When he turned it on he and his son had switched ages overnight while the machine buzzed. At first the two had freaked out but when they told Brian's daddy, the old man had gotten it into his head that maybe his son could be the breadwinner of the house for a while. Patrick and Alex were trickier, though. Alex didn't look as much like his dad so he had to find another job soon. No one would believe he was the same man. Alex was now calling himself Patrick and Brian was calling himself Hank. At home everyone went by their old names but it was a lot less confusing to just go by one. Eventually Brian suggested that for the sake of confusion, it was best for everyone to go just by their new names until they decided to switch back.

The new Hank liked his new dick and he liked being gay. He liked thinking of his new friend all grown up and was pretty sure that it was time to see if his friend was thinking of the same things he was. He jerked off to the thought of naked guys one more time and hot cum hit the wall. Shit, it was so much better than being a kid. What was his dad thinking, giving him this huge, hot body.

The new Hank loved the way an orgasm built up. The huge, hard shaft that pumped up full of cum and sprayed it all over. How good it felt. It felt good to be a man, accepted as one by other men. He liked how gruff and rough his voice sounded. He liked how when he was at work, he could use curse words like "fuck" and "shit" and no one cared. And he liked how his dad couldn't use those words without sounding ridiculous. He had told his dad to knock it off before someone "suspected" but really it was because he wanted to be able to get away with doing something his dad was now not allowed to do. It felt good. Secretly wonderful.

He zipped up his new jeans, his man sized jeans which were now about as tall as his dad was. He lowered the light and opened the door. He saw in the hall.

"Hey, man. I was just whacking off. Have you been whacking off a lot while I'm at work? It feels so good."

The new Patrick got embarrassed. "Yeah but my dad doesn't like it, I don't think."

"Well then he shouldn't have let you stay in a 35 year old body." Hank smiled. "You're Patrick now. It even says so on your brand new ID card."

Patrick blushed. He was so cute. Redhead and he had grown facial hair over the past week or so as an experiment. It suited him. It made him feel real grown up and his muscles were actually more impressive than Hank's were.

"Do you think it's a good idea for us to call ourselves by our dad's names."

"I don't see any fucking reason why not."

"Oh my gosh! They'll hear you!"

"Hear me say what, "fuck"? I'm a man now. You are, too. And I have some news for you. I really, really like to look at guys when I jack off. It feels so fucking good, man." Patrick blushed more. "Have you been looking at guys online? On my laptop?"

"I'm sorry! I won't use it anymore!"

"I think you and I need to have a talk, man to man."

The two men were fueled by their new hormones. Hank was especially curious and before long Patrick was standing there in his new adult glory.

"I hope they don't find out about this." Patrick worried.

"Who fucking cares if they do? But don't worry. They're in bed right now. They're all tuckered out after a long day. Here, I want to touch your dick. Can I?" Patrick shook his head yes and then gasped when Hank held it. The two men were soon embracing and rubbing their cocks against their new huge, hard bodies.

"I can't believe it. I can't believe it. Oh. That feels so good." Patrick moaned.

"Come on. Let's go to my bedroom." Hank had of course taken the dad's bedroom and the new son had taken the son's room. They wound up on the bed and locked in a position of kissing each other. They moaned and rocked. Hank decided to jerk Patrick off. "I was watching porn the other day and I got some ideas. Lie back."

"Okay." Patrick did as he was told and Hank started to give him his first blow job. Patrick came in no time and Hank sucked on the jizz juice and there was plenty of it leaking all over in salty, gurgling rivulets. He sucked it all up. It was great. Tasted just as good as he had hoped!

"You like being a real man?"

"Yeah. It's so cool."

"I have another surprise for you." Hank went to the closet and got out a six pack of beer bottles. "It's Miller time." He handed Patrick his first beer.

"Dad would kill us!" he whispered.

"With what, his tiny little boy hands? We're bigger, dude. Your dad has been enjoying a little boy so much, I think we should enjoy being big men." They clinked bottles and sat on the bed drinking beer and Patrick's smile was heavenly.

"Have you tried to smoke yet?"

"No. I thought about it."

"I got some cigars, dude." Patrick got excited.


"Yeah, I bought them when Dad was at the park. I didn't tell him, though. I didn't want him to yell at me. I got two. I was afraid to smoke them but now...if you want to do it with me?"

"Come on, let's do it in the yard. They'll never know."

It didn't take them long to get dressed and outside and they sat in chairs and looked out over the back yard and the garden with all the toys they hadn't been playing with. Their dads had really been having fun with the idea of being kids again. They were playing with other kids. They were playing at the park. They were playing board games at night. They had all talked about it, about how it was to relieve stress and try doing something kind of bad they shouldn't because it was like, they both had really missed out on their childhoods and wanted to really see what it was like to be a kid and have fun.

Both men were sort of nervous as they puffed on their new cigars. But soon they were in heaven, puffing on the beautiful, woodsy, perfectly tinted aroma.

"That is soooo fucking good." Hank sat back on his chair and puffed and blew. It was so relaxing. He had just had sex with his friend and really wanted to explore more.

Patrick puffed on his. "I'm just like Dad now. He smokes his cigars just like this." He chomped on his cigar and blew smoke out without holding onto the cigar.

"God I am so wanting to jerk off again."

Patrick walked over to the larger outdoor bench and invited Hank over. He put his hand around his friend's shoulder.

"This is so cool," he whispered. "We are real men now."

"Yeah but our dads want to change back in a month."

"So we have to give this up? I want to do so much more with you." The two men kissed. For a while. Exchanging smoke and saliva.

"I know. So. We have to get rid of the machine. I'll hide it and then we'll tell them we are staying this way."

"They'll hate us so much."

"Who cares? Dude, we are smoking fucking CIGARS now! Let our fucking dads do whatever the hell they want and we wind up back in puny shrimp bodies and we can't smoke or drink or have sex ever again."

The two held each other after they were done smoking. They put their cigar stubs in the trash bin and walked inside, smelling like rich tobacco.

They waited a week and planned. They spent every waking moment together they could, when Hank was not at work, he was fucking his new lover in the ass and they enjoyed sucking each other off, and they discovered a lot of other things they enjoyed.

The next weekend was horrible for the dads. Hank took Brian to the park. While his "son" was playing he lit up a stogie.

When the new Brian was finished on field he came up, trying to comprehend his once little boy was now a monster of a man smoking a cigar.

"What are you doing?" he whispered. "I don't allow you to be a grown up so you can smoke, Brian."

"Come on, son. We're leaving."

"I'm not finished yet!"

"I said get your ass moving! Get to the car now. We have things to talk about and if you don't move right now you're grounded, mister!" he said making sure his voice was loud enough for all the other fathers to hear and some gave him a nod of approval.

Once they were in the car the new Brian was so astonished he could barely find words. "I don't think that you'll be smoking for long. We're going to switch back as soon as we get home." Hank swung the car out of the parking lot.

"Oh, really? We'll I'll have to enjoy my cigar on the ride home. You know you've been telling me to drive you a lot of places, BRIAN. Lucky for you I like driving quite a lot now."

By the time they got home, Brian didn't know what to think. Patrick was standing there with his new son, who was crying.

"I told him but he didn't take it very well."

"Take WHAT very well? What the hell is this? You two are way out of line!"

He had no idea Hank could move so quickly. Hank scooped up his father and brought him inside, carrying him all the way to the kitchen. Patrick followed with the new Alex.

"We have found out that we like bein' adults. And we're all going to stay this way."

"No we AREN'T! You may think you like this little taste of power but believe me you don't know the first thing about being a real grownup!"

"You mean like you? You're a fucking loser. You always have been. You were a shitty dad and both of you deserve this. You only cared about having fun and partying. You were always going to bars and never spent ANY time with us."

"We're single dads. You ever think of that? Your mother abandoned us and his wife died." Little Alex hung his head and Patrick held his new son comfortingly.

"Yeah well now we can be a real family. Because Patrick and I love each other."


"That's not nice!" Patrick said, feeling hurt.

"Don't say that! Not unless you want a swat on your behind!"

"I'm getting the device!"

"No you aren't. I got rid of it. You'll never find it."

The little boy ran to the bed he slept in now. The device had been just under there, but now of course it wasn't.

There was a fight. They yelled a lot. Alex just cried like a little kid and asked his grown up son to change them back but Patrick just shook his head no, he couldn't. He loved being this way.

"I love him, and you can be my son and I can be the Dad. You'll see. It will all be okay."

But little Brian was still angry. He called his new father Hank a worthless faggot. And he shouldn't have done that. Hank got mad and gave him two sharp swats across his knee before he could blink.

Things were rough at first but after a month or so you would think that the family had always been two dads and their sons. Patrick got a job as a janitor at the local high school and it wasn't the best job but he was very nice and everyone liked him. He decided he would take some community college classes and see if he could make something of his life. His father never had.

The two men were very happy together and their boys grew up to be fine young teenagers who accepted their gay dads as benevolent, loving, caring parents. The boys never did find out where the age machine went, but Hank and Patrick new that when they got old enough, they could take some years back from someone younger and stay at around the age or 35 or so for...well, they could do it forever, if they did it right. And eventually, when the boys got to high school the Dads told them that they would keep the family immortal at any age the boys were comfortable with once they got into their 20s and had jobs of their own. So they planned on down the line and everyone was pretty happy with the arrangement. Hank and Patrick even had a wedding eventually to celebrate their partnership and never regretted skipping ahead to adulthood.


  1. Great story. I enjoyed it very much.

  2. Great story. This is my favorite story. Could you writte other like this but between big brother and little brother, please?