Sunday, November 10, 2013

Nathan Goes to the Fancy Party Part 2

My name is Nathan and I'm 9 1/2 but now I'm not and I'm a grownup and this is what happened after I hung up on Bailey.

So I really was enjoying the party because after I hung up on him I went to talk to the new partners and they were these guys who were old and fat and they wanted to talk about the movie I was writing! Bailey works on movies so now I'm working on movies! And all these people wanted to know what I thought of movies and I didn't know a lot of the time so I mainly talked about the Croods because I really liked the animation in that movie and also it was very good.

So then my new friend who was also a grownup friend of Bailey's (but now he was my friend so cool!) gave me a bottle of BEER! I had never even been allowed to touch a bottle of beer and I giggled and couldn't believe that I was allowed to touch it. So then I sniffed it and it smelled kind of weird. I sipped it and it was frothy and bubbly and really good! Not like soda because it wasn't sweet, it was sort of deep and just really nice. I liked beer! I was a grownup drinking beer! So cool!

Also at the party, (which was very fancy) there were lots of grown up ladies who were introducing themselves to me and I just pretended I was Bailey. Not me because if it was me they would not treat me nice or care. So I put on my best impression of Bailey and I was really proud of myself and it was easier because I had his voice! I said things like "Why yes, I really this spread." and "Yeah, I dig that." because those are things Bailey likes to say. I was having a lot of fun talking like a grownup because my voice was so cool and deep now. I was talking with this one woman and she was really pretty and said she wanted to get me alone and so I was like okay are we going to play a game? And she laughed and said we could if I wanted to so I asked if we were going to play Boggle or Apples to Apples or the game of Life. And she laughed and said I was funny.

So then we went to the back of the restaurant and she got me to take a walk in the garden and I wondered where we were going to play because it was dark here and I couldn't see as well. I told her that and she smiled and said I was so funny and sweet. Then she sat down on a bench and patted it and told me to sit down so I did and then she started to pet me and giggle and lick my ear which I thought was really weird. And I realized she wanted to do grownup girlfriend stuff with me! I didn't know what to do but she did! She started to kiss me and I had NEVER KISSED A GIRL BEFORE! I let her tongue inside my mouth and then my penis started to move! I had never had my penis move before and it was all really weird and I didn't know what to do but I just wanted to kiss her some more but then Bailey's I mean my cel phone went off and I answered it and it was Bailey! But he had my voice and I thought it was really funny.

"Who's that?"

"Oh um it's just a kid."

"Oh my God. You have kids! Please tell me you're not married!"

"I don't have a kid! I just know a kid and he's really cool and I do dad son stuff with him. Cause he was gonna be my dad. I I was gonna be his dad. But then I had to leave and it's really confusing."

Then she got mad and left and told me to figure it out without her and I heard Bailey screaming on the other end of the phone.

He said that my mommy had put him to bed and he had to sneak outside to talk to me and he was really scared and angry and he was using a LOT of bad words!

"Don't say bad words, Bailey!"

"Don't you fucking tell me what to say!" he said in my voice. I never said bad words and I didn't think it sounded right for him to use my voice to say bad words. "Come home right now! Take a cab! DO NOT DRIVE MY CAR! We need to figure out what the fuck happened! I can't believe this is happening! I must be going completely insane! This isn't possible!"

"Don't be mad okay Bailey? The guy said it was a good idea."

"Guy??? What GUY??? What the hell are you talking about?!"

So then I told him the story of how the guy at Spells R Us gave me the magic spell to switch us but I didn't tell him about the fact I had the watch or that it was only for a week because I was still mad at him still.

"Okay. Okay. We need to go back to the mall and find this guy. Okay? Oh God. Tomorrow is what, Monday? It's a school day so you will have to pretend you are going to want to take me out of school, since I'm a fucking kid now, and for God sake's get out of there right now. You should not be at this party, Nathan. You cannot pretend to be me. You could fuck up my entire career."

"Stop using bad words, Bailey!" My feelings were hurt. "You just think I'm stupid. And I don't want to leave! It's fun here! I got to smoke for the first time and it was so cool and then I got to talk to people about movies and I just did my impression of you and then I got to try a beer for the first time and it was REALLY good and-"

"Oh God. I can't believe this is happening. Look. Okay. Change of plans. Just...go back to my apartment. The address is on your ID. Just say you are drunk to the taxi driver. Tell him to take you straight home. There is plenty of cash in the wallet. Just get out of there and go home. To my home. And then tomorrow take me to the mall and we'll go back and try to end this...this...Twilight Zone episode for the love of God!"

"Bailey do you want to be my Dad?"

"What? What the hell kind of question is that? I mean...yes. Yes, buddy I do. I want to be your Dad."

"Really? So you want to marry my Mommy and be my Daddy?"

"Of course I do." Bailey clenched his teeth in his new little body. "Of course. I can get married to your Mom as soon as I'm me again."

"Okay but you have to do it as soon as we go back, okay?"

"Okay. Sure. Whatever you want, buddy. Just go to my apartment, okay?"

"Okay. Can I drink more beer before I go? It's really good."

"I'll tell you what," Bailey said carefully, trying not to do anything to set Nathan off. "You can drink one. But then you have to go. Understand, buddy?"



"Okay. I'm sorry I switched bodies with you, Bailey."

"I know, buddy. I'll see you tomorrow. Just call my work and say you have a family emergency. It' number 1 on my speed dial. You know how speed dial works? Okay? And then call your mom at this number really early in the morning. And if it doesn't work...she'll take me to school so just come by and take a taxi to your school to do it and take me out. Because I swear I am not going to go to school as a kid."

"But I go to school."

"I...know. But I already went to school."

"Do you want to? You can play with my friends!"

"No no...that's okay. I just...really need to go back to work."

"Making movies? Cause I think your job is really cool."

"Thanks, buddy."

"Can I go to your job tomorrow and make movies?"

"I think we should switch back first. Then I'll take you to my work and I can show you HOW I make movies. I'll show you around to all the people I work with who make movies. We'll have a lot of fun. Just help me by switching back, okay buddy?"

"Okay that sounds really fun!" I said good night to him and he sounded nervous and I laughed and decided to stay even longer because I really like the party.

When I got back all the men who were the bosses were giving away more cigars and insisting on lighting up and I was excited because they all thought I was an adult! I had never smoked before and it was all really exciting. My penis got hard and I didn't know why. A lot of the ladies there were showing their breasts in low cut dresses and they were...I couldn't stop staring at their breasts even though my mommy tells me you shouldn't look at women there. I suddenly really wanted to. Weird.

So I lit up another cigar and I had another beer and people were talking about boring things that I didn't understand so I just nodded a lot and drank beer and smoked a cigar. I had never felt like this before. I drank another beer and it was WAAAY better than soda because I started to feel really good all over. And then someone asked me if I wanted to go to the VIP room and I was like what's that? And someone was all "It's the porn room, Bailey." And I thought all of a sudden I couldn't do that because I'm only a kid. So I said that out loud and everyone laughed like I told a really funny joke so I pretended it was one.

I also was scared at first because kids are NOT allowed to watch porn but then I realized I am not a kid now so I am allowed to watch porn. So I followed my new friends who were all tall grown up guys and we were all smoking and I felt so cool and we walked into this room with a big screen TV and it was filled with guys with girls on couches and they were kissing and feeling the girls legs and oh my gosh this was so something I shouldn't be allowed to be at. I couldn't believe grown ups got to go to parties like this! And so on the big huge TV there was...I had never seen sex before so I was just really surprised because I knew that the guy and the girl make babies but also sex is for grown up fun but only when they really love each other but porn is bad because they don't love each other. That's what my mommy told me. But this guy was naked and he had a really big penis and it was standing up and I've never seen my penis do THAT before! I wondered if Bailey's penis which was now MY penis could do that! And the girl put her mouth on his penis and he was saying a LOT of bad words and telling her to suck his dick and that's the bad word for penis but I kind of liked it. And then he had all this stuff that came out of his penis. Like all over her face which was kind of gross and all the guys were hooting and saying things like "YEAH CUM ALL OVER HER!" and I figured out cum meant the stuff that comes out of the penis.

So I just sort of watched and learned how sex is done. It was kind of like being in school only WAY better. The guy put his penis in her and "fucked" her which I guess means sex. And she screamed a lot but I guess she liked it. And the guy was taking her legs in his hands and I suddenly wondered if Bailey did that to my mommy! Oh my gosh I hope not because if he does he has to promise not to do that ever to her because that's not nice.

SO I kind of got embarrassed and left without saying goodbye to anyone and I was still having fun smoking my cigar. I figured if Bailey made us switch back tomorrow I should smoke it and finish it so I could remember what it was like since I was not going to be allowed to smoke as a little kid.

Then I went to the parking lot and found a taxi that would take me home and I did what Bailey said and I got kind of sleepy. And then I was in front of Bailey's apartment. Bailey was planning on living with us but for now he had this apartment and it looked nice. There were palm trees and the place had a pool which Bailey let me swim in sometimes so I was glad he had his own place. So I gave the taxi driver the money and I realized how much taller I was now since the last time I was here and smiled. "Cool," I said in my gravelly new voice. I got to Bailey's apartment and looked for his key. It was in my pocket. There were several keys and I finally found the right one and stepped inside.

I was kind of stumbling around, and found the light and locked the door and went to the bathroom and turned on the light and I just stared at my new grown up face for a while. This was just really cool. I always wanted to be a grown up. Now I was. I rubbed my face and Bailey's face smiled wonderingly back at me. I was really happy and did not want to go back and wondered if he would let me be him for a week like I originally wanted.

Then I wondered about something else and looked at my penis. I took off my jeans. They were so big now! And my underwear and they were boxer shorts which I had never worn but I liked them. And my penis "WOW! MY penis is SO BIG NOW!" I did a little dance. My big "dick" slapped against my legs. It was really, really thick. Like I did not know that a penis could be that thick but I guess it can be. It was about as big as my wrist was now across and length wise it was about 8 inches or so. I washed my face and started to think about the porn movie and wanted to know if my penis could do that thing I saw...

I started to touch my penis because it was so big it started to jump around and I got real excited. I wondered if it felt good and I really started to enjoy it. I just had never felt anything like this and I did this for like ten minutes and then all of a sudden I felt like I was going to pee but I wondered if it was cum and then it went ALL OVER THE BATHROOM! I could not stop. I just grunted and it went all over the sink and the mirror and the towels and the floor and the toilet!

"OH MY GOSH!" I had never done this before and it just came more and more and was all over my legs until I slumped down and moaned. I put both my hands on my penis and tried to do it again. I wasn't sure I could but as it turns out you can do it more than once in a row. I did not know that. But you don't have as much of the cum inside you. There was less but it felt really, really good.

"Ohhhhhhhhh," I moaned. I got up finally and took a shower and was so loving the fact that I was so tall in the shower. I finally got out and got a towel and dried off and looked at myself and was pretty proud of my big muscles. I had started to think how fun it was to be in this body but felt bad because I did steal it and I have been told to never steal.

Well okay I was borrowing so maybe it was okay.

I went to bed finally and was too tired to watch TV. My breath smelled like cigars and that was awesome and I drifted off thinking of what I would do tomorrow and when I had dreams that night I was in the porn movie and I was "fucking" the woman in the video and taking her legs in my hands as I put my penis in and out of her.


  1. Darn, well, I was hopinhg Bailey would turn out to be gay. The writing is really nice as always Otaru, but the scenarios with women ruined this particular chapter for me. Here's to hoping the interest in women exhibited in this chapter will dissipate and be replaced with a desire for men for Bailey's body. Scenarios with women never pique my interest. Great writing though, Otaur. speaking of your writing I still would love to see you complete the "...Dad's Shoes" story.

    1. Like it would be cool if the real Bailey or at least his true body was gay all along and was deeply in denial and thus dating women, and now the new Bailey will start to adopt those feelings, being rather confused thinking Bailey was straight. But this in't my story. Just thought I would offer up the idea.

    2. I actually wrote this story because I have a few straight friends online who are great male AP enthusiasts. I am hoping this will be sort of like the movie "Big" where he discovers he enjoys an adult job. I am going to have a gay character who is Bailey's best friend but I don't know where I'll take that yet. As for any of my other stories, I am usually just so busy and going back to older stories requires that I have the time to reread them etc. I kind of picture Dad's Shoes as just ending with all of them moving into the same apartment and the grandpa becoming youthened somehow.

  2. Still waiting for the next part... :)