Monday, August 5, 2013

Chronivac Case File: Daddy Gets His Due

"I'm catching up to you, Sandy."

"Uh...I've changed five women into men, tonight, Darren."

"Yeah, well I've changed three dudes, one of whom is now about 50 IQ point
"Interesting. It is hard to get them to reduce their IQ's."


"I also got a minotaur on my roster."

"A minotaur!"

"Eat it."

"The programmers that make reality shifts possible for mythical beings interacting with the 2013 template never cease to amaze me."

"I know. And I'm that good. I make good things, happen."

"Oh yeah? I bet you I can close more cases than you by the end of the shift."

"Deal. You have to treat me to lunch on Pluto if I win."

"Fine. Watch the master at work."


My name is James and I live next door to a really nice guy named DB. DB is pretty much the best guy I know. I have parents but I always spend time with him. I have since I was a teen. Now I'm 18 so I'm technically a man.

And one day I'm fiddling around on the Internet and I started talking to this guy named Darren about all my fantasies. He was pretty good at getting me to talk about my dream guy.

You see, I love DB. I think he's nice and all but I really hate him not having good self esteem.

Last time I saw him he was sad. No one wanted to date him and he was letting everyone at work walk all over him. He was talking with some woman at the bar and grill where he worked near and this guy totally pushed him around, pushed him practically out the door and threatened to bear his face in for moving in on "his girl" even though he had just met her the week before, according to her. He was feeling really down on himself. I knew if he were mine I could make him happy, if he were gay he would be so much...improved.

My ultimate fantasy would be for him to be really stacked.  So before I knew it I was downloading this program and his name and pouring all of my fantasies into him.

I wanted him to be my biological father. I wanted him to want me sexually. I wanted him to be ripped and huge and be the ultimate male wet dream. Most of all, I wanted him to take charge. I wanted him to love giving orders....

I went to sleep that night and felt kind of strange but woke up and everything was different. First of all, I was not in my room. I was in a big bedroom covered with gay male art, statues and sports equipment.

"Son? Are you up? Get in here! I want you to see me flex every morning for inspiration!"

I wandered downstairs, noticing all of my reality had changed to modified around my new life. I was now no longer so skinny. I was taller. I was changed in terms of physical features. I now looked a lot more like...Dad!

"Here, son. Hold the camera so you can get close ups of my fuckin stud body. I'm doing a weekly video for all my fans." I dutifully did as my Dad asked. God, he was magnificent! There was literally no man on Earth who could ever compare to my Dad. I would never want another man. He was perfection in man form.

After he told me to cut he walked over and grabbed me and held me close.

"You woke up a little bit late today. You're going to have to be punished for that. Now make my breakfast." He leaned in and gave me a little tongue kiss. Just enough to make me absolutely go woozy!

I started to make him a breakfast health shake and some eggs and he watched, fondling me as I went about my work.

"I think it could use some cream. What do you think?" He smiled at me seductively and then picked me up!

"Oh, Daddy!"

"Now hold on, son. I feel like you should suck me off but do it acrobatically. It's your punishment."

"Yes, sir! Yes, sir!"

He held me upside down by my ass and positioned me over his now naked engorged leather hard cock. It was the most delicious thing I'd ever tasted! He moved me up and down until he spurted right inside my mouth and I swallowed every bit of his delicious man seed.

"Mmmmm, did that hit the spot, son?"

"Yes, Dad." I looked up at him in amazement as he flexed for me.

"Well my breakfast isn't making itself."

"Oh! Right." I smiled and finished his meal and made a smaller portion for myself. He wolfed down his meal and then told me today would be another hard day at the gym. He owned a gym in this reality and I was the desk assistant. I got to watch my beautiful Dad all day long! I was in heaven!

"Boy this sure is a better reality than the other one, isn't it, eh SON?" He flexed carefully right in front of me, pushing his bicep in front of my eyes, just an inch away.


"Don't know how you did it, but for some reason I'm aware of both realities. I remember everything about the little wimp I used to be and believe me I prefer this new masculine gay version. I love you, son. Thank you so much." He gave me the BIGGEST bear hug from behind for quite some time and I just felt his warmth and mountainous strength. I could never hope to get him off me if I really had to fight him, ever. I wouldn't stand a chance! He could snap my neck, I thought, almost excitedly.

I had forgotten to turn the Chronivac controls to a zero awareness level and Dad didn't seem to mind. I told him that night about the program and it had already deleted itself off my computer. He said it was alright. We would work on my body next and he would enjoy pumping me up full of cum and muscle over the next decade...

I love my Dad. And my Dad LOVES me.

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  1. Is there suppose to be another image? I love the story please write more like it.