Sunday, June 16, 2013

Jeannie's Wishes: Jeannie Visits Mark

I always was, I suppose, bored by my body. I mean, I'm short. I have a complex. And I'm one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. So I just hang out with all the people in my life and none of them ever would understand if I told them all I wanted was a taste of something totally different. As you can see, I am capable of being athletic...

That is to say, I'm lean. I'm small. I'm 5'5" so being agile is one of my gifts. But unless I'm actually jumping in the air, I tend to be overlooked. All my life I've fantasized about what it's like...the adoration of people who look up to me. I don't want to be agile. I want to be...looming. The guy whose shadow crosses over you and makes you gulp before you turn around and look, way, way up. I know it's really not likely. It's a fantasy. I mean, I have a job where I am constantly on the go and I don't have much of a private life. I don't have time. But I'm working, you know? I'm someone that tries. I try until I can't go anymore. But it doesn't make me big. Being's a conundrum. Sometimes all I want is to just trade all of it, good and bad. I refine by abilities in my work, and I dream of looking like someone else for a change and intimidating people instead of being everyone's friendly buddy that they never think of *that way*.

But of course everything changed one day. I live in such a big city that I often feel like...I just sort of fade into the background and no one really notices me. But Jeannie sure did.

Jeannie met me when I was climbing up the stairs of a building and the elevator was busted. She was wearing a neck brace and was trying to lug a suitcase up the stairs. I immediately told her I would help, and she told me the story of how she was in a car accident, got fired from her job and was living with her sister. We hit it off. I am gay and she loved gay boys.

Anyway, I was just visiting a friend that day. I saw her again a week later. I was taking a shortcut through an alleyway and yeah I know, I should have known better and the next thing I know I'm seeing a guy shoving around Jeannie in the neck brace. He takes her purse and smacks her across the face and the next thing I know I'm someone else. Not physically. I just charged the motherfucker. I rammed into him and screamed at Jeannie to get out of here. And then I looked at the guy and all of a sudden I'm on some mattress that someone left out for the garbage man.

"Well you passed with flying colors," she said, pleased with herself. And then things started to get weird. She had been middle aged before and now she was younger. More my age. Dressed in an outfit that any straight man would have swum through a shark infested lagoon with razor sharp rocks to get to. She looks like a supermodel with a sort of Arabian design to her new threads. Which were not modest by any means.

"I like to dress the part. I'm a bit cliche. Now, we have to talk! We have so much to talk about. Come on, Come on, Mark."

We walked through the city and everything was frozen. I mean, people were stuck in time. Or we were outside of it. I'm not sure how it works. Anyway, it seemed like we talked for days. She told me she was a genie. And she liked to turn gay boys into their dreams. But not just any gay boys. Gay boys and men that passed a certain criteria.

And then, this whole thing was like a dream. I'm talking about all my fantasies and she was pressing me to choose just one. I wasn't sure I wanted to let go of my life altogether. I still wanted to be me. But what I really wanted was the life of a jock. No more of my current job, no matter how good I was at it. I wanted to do something really...manly.

The next thing I know everything was back to normal. The city resumed. Jeannie disappeared. I was still me. I went home and immediately fell asleep. All of the weights in the living room didn't even faze me, even though I never went to the gym...

Aaaaand I woke up looking like...this:

There was a note. In the kitchen. With a gift basket full of protein bars.

"Dear babe. If you get sick of your life, just eat one of these little puppies and you will become a whole new man. Just wish for what you want and you shall receive. All my love, Jeannie"

I suddenly knew that my job was as a window installer. I had memories of high school being amazing. I got my groove on as early as 15 now. I was always comfortable with sports. Not hugely popular but I had definitely grown into my body. I didn't go to college, though. Before I had a college education. I was blue collar now. I looked similar but everything was different. I was...dear god I was so confident. I smiled. And then I started to flex. And flex. And I pretty much just reveled in my new cock. I mean, I masturbated for like half an hour just feeling how big I'd gotten. Not that much taller. About 5'8". Definitely a little bit taller.

I spent the next few weeks at the gym. Every night. By day I installed windows. I made sure to wear skimpy shirts or tight fitting ones. And I think it goes without say that I had more sex in those few weeks than my entire life up to that point. I mainly did it through the internet. Something about my body didn't give me all the confidence to go into clubs quite yet. So I met guys at my place and we had a lot of fun. I didn't know quite what I was doing at first. Some of them knew how to do way, way more than me, so with some of them I pretended I was bi and mainly with women to turn them on. Gay guys love inexperienced men who are just beginning to turn. Especially when they look like me.

Time passed and I got laid. But I still wasn't entirely happy. My job was beginning to really bore me. I got a protein bar and opened it. The name brand was "Jeannie's Chocolate Surprise". Well, here goes nothing, I thought. "I wish I was a fucking porn god and that I was absolutely dominant in the sack and that guys just beg me to fuck them. I want to be hugely muscled and tall and I don't want to even worry about impressing guys with my

Not bad, huh? The first thing I did, well you can guess, I got to know my body right away, but I didn't jack off because I remembered I was doing a shoot that day.

Oh god. I am a porn god, my mind thought. I smiled to myself. Smoothed my hands over my incredible pecs, my enormous biceps. Any education I had was gone. I barely could do math. I tried. Geez, maybe this wasn't such a good idea. And then I noticed my apartment was huge! Huge and with great furniture and a huge entertainment center. I didn't really read anymore. Why would I? You can't jack off to books, heh.

I got to work and the fluffers smiled at me. And they brought out some 18 year old for me to tear a new asshole. The kid was new and god did he scream. He worshiped me for hours. I fucked and fucked and fucked. My dick was a never ending rod of happiness. It was ten inches now. I was everything I had ever dreamed of being. And getting paid serious cash. I was a highly sought after porn actor. And I was always trying to follow people but it all just seemed like a jumble. I was good at working out, though. I didn't really need to be magnetic. I had a different sexual partner every time I went to a bar. I would pick out any guy I wanted, seduce him and then toss him around like a kitten when we got back to my pad. Inevitably, they would always want to talk and do more than bask in my incredible body. It didn't matter how long we went, sometimes all night. Eventually they wanted a little bit more and eventually I realized that even though they always called back for more, if I did a repeat it was dawning on them there wasn't much about me that was really all that interesting. I looked the part of a god but everything that came out of my mouth was stuff like:

"I fuckin love the way I look in these shorts. What do you think, man?"
"I fuckin' love this lube. Here, put it on me."
"I don't know. Politics make my head hurt. All that talking. They should just get out of their suits and go to an orgy or somethin'."
"Shit man, I dunno. I don't care bout global warming. I just care about keepin this bod lookin fuckin hotter than hell. That's the heat I'm talkin about, fuck yeah."

I got adored, worshiped, treated with every courtesy but as time dragged on and I fucked countless men and racked up countless hours in the gym...I realized it was a little bit empty. I got depressed when other cast members who were also porn actors seemed way smarter than me. A lot of the gay guys I met were witty and smart as well as good looking. I began to get upset that I couldn't follow what they were saying. I was feeling left out yet again.

One night I searched for the gift basket and decided I would make ONE more wish, in spite of all Jeannies Surprises I had left.

"I don't have much in the way of family so I wish I'd grown up in a very loving, very gay friendly, all American family. And I wish that I had the brains to do something that kept me happy in life but I still want to be a jock. I want to be beautiful but I also want to be oh...what is that word...words are so hard now...(it took me a while to remember) fulfilled. Fulfilled! I want to make people in my life happy and I want to enjoy having a nice body, and be masculine but still keep what makes me, All my smart stuff and stuff. What's the word? Uh, what's the word? When like you're funny and shit. All my smarts. Wit! That's right. Wit. And smarts. And the ability to talk to people and stuff."

I ate my bar. You know the drill. This is what I look like now...

I was a bit younger than I had been before, but not by much. I was still built like a brick house but I wasn't a guido sex god anymore.

I was a football player in college and high school. Quarterback. I lived with my parents, still. We were a close family. And after I graduated college I came back to work as a PE coach at a high school in my town. Everyone knew me. Everyone loved each other in the community pretty well. I was blessed and happy. I was friendly and courteous because I had a good upbringing. I was even an Eagle Scout. I loved my life. I loved hunting and also computers. I loved martial arts and working out. I also loved reading Proust and Michio Kaku.

And then I met the man of my dreams and my parents fell in love with him, too.

I still have Jeannie's basket of Surprises. I found it on my new bed in my new house when I first woke. And I locked them up and I kept them in a special freezer I kept in my office, a miniature one that I kept a padlock on. I didn't want them to spoil. One day I came in and the fridge had been busted and my bars were gone. I never heard from Jeannie again and it didn't seem to matter. I was happier than I ever had been. I'd made the right choice. My life wasn't a nonstop series of fucking escapades but I had a loving relationship with a man who adored me for my body and my mind.

Wherever you are, thanks Jeannie.


  1. Fantastic story. Thanks for posting!
    -MS_Alberta (Sill)

  2. Really enjoyed this story! (Especially the addition of the dumbness in the middle!)

  3. love stories where the person gets mentally changed, and i adore dumbing down. nice work

  4. One of my favorite stories yet. I could really relate to the character

  5. cant wait for more stories bud.