Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Return of the Madagascar Charm

"Hey man. That really sucks. Sorry."
"Yeah, thanks Johnny. I'll be okay."
"Don't be discouraged, bro. Just keep trying."

My name is Walker and Johnny was trying to make me feel better because today I tried out for football and didn't make it. What I really wanted was to get close to Coach Jimmy Davis. I am completely in love with him. I have to make him realize it somehow. I'm a junior in high school, age 16. And I'm gay, obviously.

A few weeks later, I found myself as the waterboy for the football team. I didn't mind it. I didn't even care for football all that much. I just had to have a shot. I knew Coach was gay because I...sort of followed him online on a few gay sites. His profile was so cute. Nothing that could get him in trouble of course. Very polite, not even a shirtless pic of him! He was careful, but I would see him shirtless before long. I vowed it.

So I asked him if he needed any yard work done. He kind of looked at me suspiciously. Said he didn't, so I asked him if he could teach me more about football so that next year I could have a better chance. His advice was for me to work out continuously all year. He kept avoiding my advances. He was clever, but I was young and hot.

So finally, he told me one day he needed someone to come over and help him chop some wood. He has a pretty nice property with some forested land. I would love nothing more!

I spent all day chopping wood with him, both of us shirtless. I was in heaven. I kept sneaking peeks. After a while I made sure he noticed I was checking him out. As I slurped from my water bottle, I asked him if he needed anything to help him cool down, as I rubbed myself provocatively. He just gruffly told me to come inside with him. And I did, following him like a little puppy dog.

Inside he told me he knew what I was doing, and it wasn't going to work. He was a teacher and he wasn't going to risk his career for a student, and if I was still interested in a few years and I was still in the area I could come calling.

I told him it wasn't fair. I wished I was older but I wasn't. I just wanted him so badly. I confessed all my feelings for him. He just looked at me with a mixture of feelings, like he was sad but he was holding himself back from fucking me with all his might.

For weeks I was despondent. Johnny asked me why I was so depressed. He came over one day and I confessed everything. I was heartbroken and miserable. Johnny was quiet for a real long time before he started talking and shocked me to the core of my bones.

Johnny's aunt was a bruja from some island I'd never heard of in the middle of nowhere. And he said she was really, really old. He brought me to her and it took forever. It was like a job interview. She wanted to know everything. She said she'd loan me a magic charm that would transform me into an older man as long as I wore it. BUT, she said, she wanted something from me for it. I asked her what and well, let's just say, she has a thing for older men...really older men.

I would rather not go into the price I paid for that charm. It was a little handmade rope necklace with a bunch of weird things tied into it. She said the trick was one of the stones was special. It brought an ancient spirit that loved to deceive and metamorph humans. A change demon. It liked to change us because it had no flesh but it enjoyed the rather amazing sex that came with such a device. In other words it liked to watch. This is one voyeuristic demon. I practiced with it a few times. I could make myself older or to look like any other guy, no matter what size.

I think she was from Madagascar or some little island nearby it. Weird story but right after she gave it to me she moved back there. And even weirder, right after she moved, Johnny told me he didn't even HAVE an aunt and he had NO memory of this woman AT ALL.

True story.

But, now that you know how I got my little charm, you can see how it wound up. I raced over to the Coach's house. I told him I had something important I had to share with him. He tried to turn me away but I pleaded with him, just wanted to talk. I came in and I told him everything and he was looking like he was going to throw me out.

"Just watch, Coach. I think you'll like what you see! I can make myself older, just for you!"

I concentrated. I felt my body stretch. I felt myself getting itchier with body hair and facial hair, chest hair...all my clothes became tighter and tighter. His look changed and he backed away a few steps and looked at me in utter shock.

"Holy shit...holy shit holy shit this isn't happening...Walker?" he whispered.

"Yeah, it's me." I said confidently and flexed my newer, bigger muscles. I was now the ripe old age of 37 - his age.

"I can't I can't...this just doesn't happen."

"Here's what's going to happen..." I came up to him and brazenly started making out with him, putting my new big mannish arms around him. He caved in and was putty in my lips.

I pushed him into the bedroom. Our first time together I admitted I had never had sex with another man before so I let him lead. That wouldn't last long! I soon took charge and had him riding on top o my dick and after a while just made him gasp with pleasure as we did everything else.

"That was incredible," he murmured contentedly.

"That was nothing. Just watch this..." I told him, and I made myself into an older daddy stud.

It was his ultimate fantasy, he had told me so when I was fucking him mercilessly.

A few days later...

For days I had progressed as normal 16 year old Walker at school and at night I would become OLDER and HUNKIER me. And Coach sure loved it. But this weekend we were going to play even more.

"Are you ready, sweetie pie?" We had talked about this for days, with him carefully outlining what he wanted to do with me.

"Yeah. Let's do this. Daddy." He nuzzled me and I forcefully kissed him. Then I got my magic little charm and watched him slowly transform before my eyes and I tugged on my dick.

He looked at himself in the mirror, just as the sun came out.

"My God. My God! I'm young! And so hot! Way hotter than I was at this age...oh my God."

"Daddy likes his son nice and hot," I said, wrapping my big masculine arms around my new "son". He moaned and I picked him up and carried him into the bedroom...I fucked him for hours before he begged me to stop so he could catch his breath.

Finally it was time to shower and go out to a nice restaurant. I would drive his car and we, as the plan went, would introduce ourselves thrillingly to everyone that day as father and son.

I got a big thrill out of driving my "son" around. He was hornier than ever! All he kept talking about was getting me alone so he could suck my big daddy cock. All those hormones were swimming around his teen body now and he could sure feel it. Meanwhile I in my confident older testosterone filled mass could wait, because it drove him crazy more and more. I used "my" new credit cards to buy him some fashionable teen skater clothing.

When we got back I fucked him more than ever. It was so hot masquerading around as a father and son. It felt so right! But our weekend eventually ended.

Every chance we have now we turn ourselves into dad and son. He turns younger and I turn into his daddy. He comes to me during school and even calls me daddy, whispering it to me on the field sometimes when no one is in earshot. I always call him son when I'm on the phone with him. He now looks up to me no matter what age I am. It's nice. I have found true love with Jimmy and the minute I turn eighteen, we are both moving together to another part of the nation. We'll live as father and son permanently. He has taught me so much about coaching and I've taught him a lot about taking orders. So when we do move I'll take his identity and he'll take mine. It will work out wonderfully because as it is I live with parents who are desperate to get rid of their gay son. After I convinced them to let me move out early and move in with Coach, (the charm had persuasive hypnotic powers as I discovered in time, otherwise they never would have agreed) I've been living together with him blissfully. If anyone comes to the door, I just age myself so they don't get curious as to why a minor is living with his teacher!

I look forward to our adventures together, my new son and I are definitely going to have fun exploring our "new roles" Wish us luck!


  1. I like this one. Your stories never fail to make my day. Great choice of pics as always. (the third one is my favorite) Thanks!

  2. oh wow es un trabajo muy bueno.
    lo dejaste por un tiempo?. no importa realmente me gustarĂ­a que continĂșes publicando

  3. Great job .I really loved this one,keep up the good work.