Sunday, April 28, 2013

His Newest Creation

"David! Uh...there you are."
"Yeah. Here I am," David said, nonchalantly.
"Yes, well uh...I found some clothes that might fit you. The T-shirt will be pretty tight and the pants are running pants so can...wear them." Mr. Bridgeport looked at his creation. When he experimented on his nephew's best friend, he had expected his adjustments to go unnoticed. A few inches. Maybe five pounds of muscle. But then David had sneaked into his house and well, helped himself to the incredible muscle retaining and height improving formula he had created for the army. With a slight acceleration in puberty David now looked to be 20 or older. He couldn't go home to his parents like this! He was only 14.
"It's amazing how much your body retained. What were you eating?"
"Lots of protein powder. It was in your notes. I needed it in order for my body to turn it into the fucking brick house you see before you." He smiled proudly and flexed a bicep.
"Well yes but we have to find a way to get you back to normal or I could be in big trouble."
"Only one who's in trouble is that bully Roger who keeps harassing me. I think I'll say hello to him in the bathroom at school."
"I understand why you want to stay this way, David, but you have to consider the ramifications to your future. Your school will never believe it's you and your parents will kill me. We need to reverse this. I'm just...not sure how, yet. I can take you into the lab. The military brass will be impressed by you no doubt and you'll be the perfect proof my formula works but after that-"
"After that I think I'll go out and get laid. Or maybe I can start now." He stood up and crossed his arms. "You've been lookin at me kind of funny ever since my BIG change. Hey. I'm up here," He grinned, catching the good doctor oogling his pecs. "Nice collection of artwork by the way." David looked around the living room, noticing all the tasteful portraits of men in black and white. "Too bad none of these guys have my SIZE. You like SIZE, don't you, DOCTOR." He flexed his muscles even more, gleefully making his pecs dance and he looked across at Dr. Bridgeport as he sprouted the biggest erection he'd had in months.

" David."
"Shut up." David walked across and picked up the doctor into his arms. "We're going upstairs." The doctor looked up into David's face as he was being carried up by his huge man, who kicked the door open forcefully and deposited him on the bed, ripping his shirt off. David pinned him down, his massive frame overshadowing the smaller man.
"So, Doc. How about I face fuck you and you worship me like all those muscle videos you have downstairs."
"Oh my God..." the man whispered. "You saw those?"
"Yeah, doc, I saw those. Man, you're a lot smaller now. And I'm not some wimpy little band geek, am I? I said, AM I?" He twisted the doc's arm a little.
"Call me Jim. Sir."
"Sir? I like that! You know what else I would like? For you to start feelin these huge muscles and telling me how awesome they are."
Jim did so, feeling every inch of his new creation.
"You like that. Like how BIG I am. How HUGE I am. How MUCH BIGGER I am than you, you puny little wimp." He suddenly got off the bed and ordered Jim to stand next to him. He grabbed the doc from behind and locked him in his arms in a headlock. "Shit, I could just about do anything to you. Since I'm bigger that must mean I'm in charge, right?" Jim's erection was so huge now he begged to get his pants off.
"Please, sir, please take my pants off."
David took off the man's pants as he stepped out of them. He pulled the underwear gently down just enough so Jim's massive throbbing dick flopped out.
"Oh man, this is awesome! I'm naked with another man! Fuck yeah!" Jim forgot this hulking beast was still a virgin. Well, not for much longer...
"Alright, JIM. Let's see what you can do. Start suckin on my big dick first. I need a blow job." David took his underwear off and shoved the doc's head down. "Oh my GOD! FUCK this feels good! HOLY SHIT!" He wound up creaming all over his mouth and pulled out so he could see his cum bathe the smaller man's face. "SHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiT! God DAMN! I could go for a few more rounds. And about changing me back? You aren't gonna do that, boy. You'll think of something to tell the military brass. They'll come up with a new identity for me, right?"
"Yes, sir. I'll make sure of it. You were a willing test subject and you will live here with me and I'll..I'll be a good boy."
"Man this is just like my dreams come true. Yeah, boy, you will and I'll be your fucking boss around here. I'm man of this house now. Now get on all fours. It's time I felt like a real man and fucked some ass."
Jim groaned for hours as his new creation took full advantage of their new situation.

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