Sunday, April 28, 2013

Easy Come, Easy Go

Ethan stumbled home. It was all a blur. His giant muscles were gone. All gone. He was a shell of his former self. He had lost everything. No one would ever see him the same way again. He was terrified someone would see him like this. It had been such a strange, surreal. week.

It had, of course, started when he met Ace. Ace was the nickname of Jason, one of his newest clients at the gym. He was a trainer and it was his life. Now he could never even think of going back. He'd have to leave his entire life, he thought. No one will ever believe that I'm me. Jason had been so nice. So unassuming...just some dumb little 16 year old hick.

He had taken him under his wing. He had shown him the ropes. Ace, as he liked to be called, hated his appearance. He wanted to be a real man, he said. Like Ethan.

Well, now he the horrible climax of weeks worth of feeling ill Ethan discovered that a voodoo charm had been placed in his locker. With pieces of his hair. And there were others, hidden all over the gym. The little jackass had been thorough. When he discovered them he went to a friend who knew about this sort of thing. By this time he had already lost 20 pounds, a severe drop for him. He had been wearing long sleeves to avoid it being noticed.

She tried to help him but all she could do was watch as he shrunk...and shrunk. He cried horribly from the pain of it. The last day Ace called and he sounded...different. More assertive. "I know what's happening to you. Come meet me at this place outside the trail around the old quarry..."

He didn't have much choice. He had to find out what was happening to him.

But when he got there, Ace looked...amazing. And he knew. That this was a trap.

"What did you do to me, you little freak?"

"LITTLE? DID YOU JUST CALL ME LITTLE? FUCK YOU, I AM SO SICK OF YOU FUCKING BIG JOCKS TALKING DOWN TO ME! I WAS GONNA MAYBE LET IT SLIDE AND FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO SUCK BUT NOW I AM SO ANGRY WITH YOU, PUNK!" Ace was insane looking, and he practically frothed at the mouth. Ethan realized his mistake and backed away. Ace grinned with predator looks at his new prey. Suddenly Ethan was filled with fear. It was part of the magic, he understood now. He tried to run for the trees but Ace commanded him. "Stop!"

He had never been more frightened in his life. Ace slowly came around. "Maybe I'll take a few years off you. Make you a little younger while I'm helping myself to all that delicious muscle. Now open up and say "aahhhhh""

He screamed a lot louder than that. Ethan felt Ace's hands pulling all of his strength out of him, weaving the strands of energy from his body. The pain was excruciating for him but as Ace grew taller he was filled with just the opposite emotion: pure exhilaration.

"Jesus, man, even your tattoos are hot. I think I'" With each breath Ace took his body expanded. His shirt could barely hold even half of his upper body now. His arms were huge. And he was TALL. Much taller than Ethan now. And twice as wide. His tats appeared on Ace's skin last, and some stubble appeared on the kid's face, and his face took on a more mature look. He now looked like he could be in college. "Oh fuck me! My voice! Hey man, even my voice is deeper! God this feels fucking AMAZING!" The last wisps of muscle energy drew within Ace's big manly frame.

"Well don't look so down, man. You know what they say. Easy come, easy go."

I have nothing now. I have only my memories of what it was like to be so big. I'll have to start a new life. And maybe just maybe, I can find someone who can tell me how to reverse this. I don't know how he did it. I only know that I have to leave, get out of here, and go far away.


"Aunt Kathy, this is so cool. Thank you so much!"

"Oh you're welcome sweetheart. Such a nice boy and you're so big now! Those bullies won't ever bother you again. Of course we should change your high school. I already made the phone calls and did the paperwork. Don't look at me like that. I don't want you to go out and beat up everyone that bothered you before. You'll be the new big man on campus at your new high school. Everyone will look up to you."

"So what was it that made you choose Ethan, anyway?"

"Oh well, he has a tendency to bed a lot of women and one of them was a close friend's daughter. Poor thing was heartbroken. He's done it before many times. I think I'll go visit him before he does something stupid and tell him he can pay me if he wants me to find someone for him to...well, borrow
a little bit of mass."

"A little? This ain't a little. I feel like a new MAN. I bet I'm bigger than all my teachers, even!"

"And if you want to keep it that way, you'll be nice to those teachers and not try to push them around. AND keep your grades up."

"Okay, okay!"

Aunt Kathy went to Ethan's house and waited for him to trudge home.  Eventually she saw him, defeated looking, frail, a shell of his former self. She couldn't help but smile. Times were tough and a witch had to do what a witch had to do, especially if a witch only knew one spell that she could work really well. This way, she would eventually build up a clientele discreetly, using her connections to find men who wanted to pay for a way to suck the muscle out of an enemy. She would charge for it and become wealthy and say goodbye to all the financial woes she had endured.

"Hello, Ethan." The confused man looked across from her. She explained everything.

"So you want money. How much?"

"A hundred grand. Sell this house and you might be able to cut it. I'll see you later when you're ready to talk business." She left him there, stroking his arms, feeling the arms in his mind he once had. She wondered about it and thought maybe men would pay even more if they were turned into midgets! But no, that's getting ahead. Build the clientele first. Introduce yourself to the right people. Find wealthy patrons, particularly the gays because they loved muscle more than anyone. And she and her nephew would be on the road to money in no time.

Easy come, easy go, she thought.

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