Sunday, February 10, 2013

Your Dad Can Be Your Best Friend

"Devon, get your fucking ass in here!"
"Don't whine! I've had a LONG goddamn day and I do NOT expect the house to be in shambles when I get home. I want you to pick up everything in the living room NOW. I don't care how long it takes you. And while I have you here, did you sass off to the babysitter while I was out?"
"I am really getting sick of your attitude, young man. Your mother is in Europe and you do NOT pull this shit while she's here at home and I am not having it, either!" Devon just stood there, sulking, shaking his leg nervously. "I give you a good home. The least you can do is clean it and not give your elders sass. I am trying to raise you to be a real man someday and not some spoiled little wimpy ass loser who expects everything to be handed to him. And you'll thank me for that one day."
"Yes sir," Devon said numbly. He had heard this speech many times. He could never please dad.
Dad shook his head several times, feeling dizzy. He looked at Devon with wide eyes.
"Uh...what is it, dad?"
"Oh my god! Oh my god!" Dad stood up. "It worked. It actually worked. Holy shit I have one of your dad's cigars in my hand!"
Devon was confused. Was his dad trying to teach him a lesson in something?
"Dad, I'm sorry about the babysitter okay?"
"Dude, I am not your dad! Look at me, Devon! I'm a GROWN UP! This is so cool!" Dad's voice was coming out of the new man and he looked around at his new height. "And I have hair on my legs! Awesome! Dude, it's me, it's Mason."
"What? Dad, stop trying to fool me. It's not funny. I said I was sorry."
"Dude, I told you I'M NOT YOUR DAD. I'm your best friend! And I'm in a grown up body! I used the book we found! In my grandpa's attic. The one in the box of all those old photos and Civil War stuff. Woooooow." Dad walked over to the mirror. "I have a BEARD DUDE CHECK THIS OUT!"
" if you're not my dad, then that means..."
"It means he's stuck as me hahaha. Too much!"
"Oh my God."
"Holy shit, I'm totally going to light this cigar up! My body is fucking craving a cigar! I can't even describe it, I just want to smoke this thing more than anything in the world! I really am in your dad's body! MMmmmmmmmmmmm." Mason began to light up his first cigar ever and delicious rich wooden smoke erupted from his mouth. "MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm oh this is..(puff) so so good (puff) oh god I just want to rub myself all over fuuuuuuuck."
Mason didn't know how to handle his new body. He found himself having an erection and immediately wanted to jack off but he didn't because his best friend just wouldn't understand all the new sensations he was going through. He wanted to find some nice woman and fuck her pussy while she screamed. Maybe he should stick around for a whole month and wait for Devon's mom to come back home! God the images going through his head were incredible! He had never felt anything like it and now it was all happening at once.
The phone rang.

Devon picked it up. It was a hysterical Mason asking to speak to his "dad".
"Dad? Is"
"Oh thank God! He told you! I don't know how this happened and this is totally crazy but-"
"He did it. There was..." Devon thought it over. "I don't really know how it happened either but he made it happen somehow. He's right here. Uh, yeah. It's for you," he handed the phone to a smirking Mason in Dad's body.
"Hey sup, Mr. Fremont. No, I don't have to do anything. I'm a grown up now so listen up shorty. You will do as I say and act like a little kid. Don't call here again. It's almost your bedtime so you better brush your teeth. You are going to school tomorrow with YOUR friend Devon and if you tell anyone about this I'll never EVER give you your body back and you'll have to grow up all over again. Ha ha! Take that, and you know what? Sucks to be you!" He hung up the phone and stuck the cigar in his mouth.
" are you going to change back without the book?"
"I hid it and memorized the spell."
"Where did you hide it?"
Mason who was now dad smirked around his cigar. "FUCK I love smoking! It's so cool! Come on, I'll show you!"
They went to his dad's room, and Mason got it out of the closet. He'd hidden the book here!
"There's lots more here, too. You wanna be a grown up after tomorrow? Then you can smoke cigars and drink beer...holy shit I can drink beer now!"
"What about my Dad's work? You have to be him so that means-"
"Don't worry. I made part of the spell say that I get his knowledge and stuff so I'm smart like he is and I can even work in a bank and wowwwww. I know how to work in a bank! This is crazy. Mmmm. You really gotta try these things, man. They are awesome." He puffed some more. "But uh, I've had a long day and should probably get ready for my new life so if you'll excuse me-"
"'re going to switch you guys back eventually, right?"
"I dunno, man. Maybe. I kind of was going to but now I don't know. I love smoking cigars and having a beard and bein tall and I can't wait to go to work and OH MY GOSH I CAN EVEN DRIVE! This is going to rock!"
Devon was now watching his father's body react as if a child was inside it, dancing around and acting completely immature and amazed to be a grown up. It was so strange to watch. And yet...part of him couldn't wait for tomorrow so dad could experience being a kid again. He'd help "Mason" discover that now that they were on the same terms, he wasn't going to let him push him around.
"So you can make me into a grown up, too?" he asked, shaking a bit at the thought.
"Totally, dude. We'll smoke cigars then, too. You'll love it. I do! mmmmm." They said good night awkwardly. Mason walked into his new bedroom. His new bed was huge!
He finally started stroking his nice thick dick and spurted cum all over his new sheets. Everything turned him on being in this body. This was going to be tons of fun bein' an adult! Just wait until he got to the office! It was gonna be fun. He was also gonna have to find his bully Jesse so he could switch him with his MUCH smaller brother Craig. And that would be just for starters. He finally finished his cigar as he jacked off a second time. It was almost too much, he thought! Doing everything at once. He'd try some beer tomorrow after work. Maybe I can go to a strip club, he thought happily as he drifted off to sleep on his new pillows.


  1. Definitely needs a sequel! It would be nice to see what kind of fun Mason will have as an adult and what Mr.Fremont will go through at school. Also want to see Mason switch people as he sees fit.
    Big Thank you for writing such a wonderful story.

  2. .I really enjoyed this one as well.
    .Definitely a nice set up for a sequel. ;)

  3. please do something like this again!