Monday, February 11, 2013

He Can't Possibly

“Ah, just think of it. It feels like just yesterday I was ten years old,” Bobby said wistfully, with a touch of insincerity.
“That’s because you were,” I seethed through my teeth. Bobby was my nephew and he had somehow traded bodies with me. I didn’t know how and I had found out quickly that trying to force him to do anything was not going to work anytime soon.
Bobby took another puff off of his cigar. Savoring cigars was something he had taken to much faster than I would have thought. I was a smoker, and now all I could do was try to sniff the delicious smoke he was exhaling, pathetically.
“Ah, youth. One day when you’re older you’ll understand how hard it is to do like, adult stuff. And just think I get to go to a job tomorrow!” His face broke from his impression of me into a silly grin and he fidgeted enthusiastically. “I get to be you and you have to go to school! No more bullies or tests or my dad yelling at me! This will be so awesome!”
“Uh uh, that’s not my name, young man.” Bobby said with the cigar in his mouth, puffing confidently. “It’s Jack now. Speaking of which, I’m going to try some Jack. You stay out here, only adults can go inside.”
It was no use. He would just have to see for himself how hard it was to be an adult. He was taking to it really well so far but the minute the pressure was on he would collapse and beg to change back with me or I would just wake back up in my own body. I just had to be patient.
Didn’t I? Bobby was talking inside with other grown ups. I wish I could go inside and get a beer. I really need one.
“Mmmmm, this is good!” Bobby said, sitting down again. His eyes bulged at trying beer for the first time. “I’ll get some Jack Daniels later. Good thing we’re walking home. Hey, I need to learn how to drive if I’m gonna be grown up. Awesome!”
“This is not happening. I know this is fun but being an adult is hard work.”
“Well, maybe I can convince my brother to let me have you for next week. You seem to be having a lot of fun. And we don’t spend enough time together, pal. Bottoms up!”
This was going to be a long, long couple of weeks, I thought. Unless it takes him even longer to realize we have to switch back. He can’t possibly handle being in an adult body.
Can he?

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