Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dude Part 3

"Mr. O'Henry, are you listening to me?"
"Huh? Oh yeah, totally."
"Mr. O'Henry, your son Chris has been causing nothing but mayhem here for weeks. Is there anything you can tell me about what he's going through?
"Well, let's just say he's had to go through several changes lately."
The two men talked for some time. Now that he was an adult, Jeff felt like he was much more on par with other adults. Especially now that he had to be stuck as one.
"I think we're on the same wavelength, Mr. O'Henry. And I don't think Chris is a bad kid, but he's somehow got it into his head that he can do whatever he wants. I thought it was odd because I've heard from him and your wife alike that you are a pretty strict authoritarian figure."
"Oh, believe me his attitude will be changing very shortly. He is gonna be grounded for life."
"Great. I'm glad we had this talk."
When he got out of the office, Chris was playing video games on a couch near the receptionist's desk.
"We're going now. Come on. NOW."
Outside, Chris continued along as if nothing was wrong.
"Boy, you sure made it sound like you were mad in there." They got in the car so he could drive Chris home, but Jeff was enraged. He turned to his former best friend, now his "son" so long as he had to make people believe he was "Mr. O'Henry".
"I really appreciate you helping me out like this, Chris."
"You wanna tell me what the FUCK is your problem?"
 He sounded as mad as any adult father.
"Come on, knock it off. You're sounding like you're really angry."
"I had to miss work for this! That's money I don't have." Jeff took out a cigarette and lit it, furiously starting the car.
"Whoa, you smoke now! That is so awesome! Can I have one?"
"No, you fucking can't! I can, because I'm an actual adult and I can't go back to being a fucking kid. We turned your dad into a kid and moved him to another school so he can pose as me but no one is happy, Chris. Let alone me." He smoked and drove. "If it wasn't for your mom giving me this job, I wouldn't even have it and it's fucking hard. We had to make up everything and I only barely know what I'm doing. You don't get it. You forced me to do it. You wanted everything your way well you got it, and I'll tell you what, I am sick of letting you off the hook. Your mother and I have had it up to here with you."
"Stop it, you're not my dad, Jeff!"
"Shut up. If you know what's good for you, you will shut your fucking mouth."
They drove in silence. They got home. Mrs. O'Henry was due back in a few hours. Dad, formerly Mr. O'Henry, was on the couch watching television. He had taken on the name of Jeff and after his parents had been convinced he was now an adult, Jeff promised everyone that they would all live together in the house and his parents were right next door, so they would visit him constantly to see how he was doing now that he was a grown up. It had taken multiple shocks and conversations for them to work out what to do after the age ray had suddenly stopped working.
Jeff looked down at his new "son"

"I don't need you pulling these stunts left and right. It's unacceptable. And stop laughing!"
"Dude, I'm sorry but you're trying to sound like a grown up. It's hilarious."
"You're grounded, asshole. You will not be having any access to computer games, TV, nothing but books and you will come right home after school."
"You can't do this," Chris said defiantly.
With one fell swoop, Jeff was upon him. He didn't even know what was happening. Jeff lifted him all the way up in the air and his eyes widened.
"I'm a LOT bigger than you now. And I say YOU are fucking GROUNDED. NOW GET THE FUCK UPSTAIRS! He set Chris down and whacked hard three times on the ass. His former best friend would never accept him as a real adult unless he really laid down the law.
Jeff lit up another cigarette and waited until Mrs. O'Henry came home. She had been coping well with her son turning his father into a nine year old. With his own age ray. But it was extremely hard on her. As time went by, Gary O'Henry had become much more childlike and now was easing into the role of "Jeff" that much more. Jeff had slowly become more and more like Gary. Though he was keeping that on the downlow from his parents since he and Mrs. O'Henry had finally had mind blowing sex the week before.
She came in wearing a negligee just for him, and he was on his feet kissing her in no time. She had her nighty off and soon his new, adult cock was plowing her like no tomorrow. He was truly man of this house now and eventually he would tell his new "sons" the truth, that he and his wife were solidifying their relationship and finding sturdy ground where before everything seemed like it was up in the air. They had found happiness and he smiled as she adored him and bathed his cock in her mouth.
It made up for all of the things he now had to do to make the bills on time. Dude, he thought. I can't believe I didn't want to grow up before...


  1. What a great story!

    P.S. I wonder where you found the second pic. It's not easy for me to find a pic of a suited guy without his cock out. :D

  2. I like these more articulated stories. I started writing a few myself - you can find them at - but they're not yet as good as yours.
    Good job!

  3. oh dejaste de publicar? ... que mal me agradaba el blog

  4. Looks like a dry spell again. I love your longer stories. Do more dad son swaps